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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1620016181115 15-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Refer Document. shifting and itc of 20 kva dg set
1619916181115 15-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Refer Document. shifting and itc of 20 kva dg set
1619816181115 15-Nov-2018 17-Nov-2018 Refer Document. providing electrical maintenance to admin bldg
1619716181115 15-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Refer Document. shifting and itc of 20 kva dg set and other associated works
1618816181115 15-Nov-2018 24-Nov-2018 INR 536696 erection of 40 mtr high ground based tower for g.s.m. including foundation and earthing arrangment
1616516181115 15-Nov-2018 30-Nov-2018 Refer Document. extension for the work of sitc of 1no. 8passenger lift
1615816181115 15-Nov-2018 27-Nov-2018 Refer Document. amc for painting, lettering, fabrication of boards, stickering etc
1615716181115 15-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of globe valves
1615616181115 15-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. refractory material
1615516181115 15-Nov-2018 20-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of gasket sheet
1613916181115 15-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Refer Document. lifting tools and tackles
1613816181115 15-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 Refer Document. overhauling of vessels
1613316181115 15-Nov-2018 20-Nov-2018 Refer Document. fabrication of spades & blinds by gas cutting & grinding for shutdown/maintenance
1613216181115 15-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 INR 263434 re construction of damaged portion of compound wall on front security room side wall and gate
1598816181115 15-Nov-2018 10-Dec-2018 Refer Document. radial shaft seal for luh
1597916181115 15-Nov-2018 21-Nov-2018 Refer Document. rodent/pest control works
1595416181115 15-Nov-2018 20-Dec-2018 Refer Document. provision of catering services
1584416181115 15-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018 Refer Document. disposal of tasr silk yarn and silk waste
1584316181115 15-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. security services
1584216181115 15-Nov-2018 05-Dec-2018 Refer Document. trenching, laying, maintenance and development of of cable & allied works
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