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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
519718190124 24-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Refer Document. 2 kwt solar application with 5 hrs
516518190124 24-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 Refer Document. 2 name plate motor label ident - efc. mtr seal double union(ti) cap nut washer(0.5mm) washer(0.2mm
513718190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. thermostat housing (51z6140342)
513618190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. thermostat cover (51z6140367)
513518190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. housing,thermostat
513418190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. housing,thermo(dc 230)
513318190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. manifold,water
513118190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. ex-manifold raw casting
513018190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. pulley,fan
512918190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. spacer,fan housing+ cover
512818190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. flange
512718190124 24-Jan-2019 02-Feb-2019 Refer Document. pulley compressor be1000
510818190124 24-Jan-2019 07-Feb-2019 Refer Document. workstation
508018190124 24-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Refer Document. highsensitive, high resolution multiphoton microscope for imaging cells, tissues and model organis
507918190124 24-Jan-2019 06-Feb-2019 Refer Document. invitation for engaging technical supervision and quality control (ts-qc) consultant for aerogeoph
501818190124 24-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Refer Document. m and r to nh-234 for the year 2018-19 restoration of damaged culvert
501718190124 24-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Refer Document. mandrto nh234 for the year 2018-19 reconstruction of damaged culvert at km 56.200 of nh-234 villup
501618190124 24-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Refer Document. reconstruction of cross drainages at chainage km.640.150, km.640.500 and km.642.650 on nh 169 shol
500518190124 24-Jan-2019 05-Feb-2019 Refer Document. two bid system in sealed covers for purchase of drugs, chemicals, surgicals and miscellaneous item
494818190124 24-Jan-2019 05-Feb-2019 Refer Document. high performance computing platform
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