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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1667418160209 09-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 deposit work-urgent rectification work in history department,commerce department and providing int
1667318160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 providing power supply to proposed dsa unit in super specialty block, govt.medical college, .
1667218160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 urgent maintenance and modification to the electrical installation in casualty in connection with
1667118160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 construction of rest house building peravoor -electrification
1667018160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 providing wiring in ground floor and additional ei in first floor of organic farm school training
1666918160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 rewiring electrical installation girls pre-metric hostel
1666818160209 09-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 rewiring of ei in baby ward in general hospital thalassery.
1666718160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 or 2015-16 urgent bitumen patch work repairs to krishna swami temple road ch: 0/000 to 3/900
1666618160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 des - strengthening of it infrastructure in district offices- providing air conditioner in distric
1666518160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 urgent replacement of damaged acb with new mccb in li scheme payod (south) mananthavady, wayanad
1666418160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 oesw - providing electrification to the work station at taluk statistics office, mananthavady, way
1666318160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 road safety works 2015-16 providing road safety arrangements and allied works in pulinchuvadu-cher
1666218160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 roviding additional electrification for the installation of atomic absorption spectrometer in dist
1666118160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 urgent replacement of damaged street light in chief judicial magistrate residential quarters,
1666018160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 urgent repairs and improvements to the ei in superintendent of police quarters, .
1665918160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 providing additional electrical installation in pwd quality control district laboratory at lakkidi
1665818160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 urgent repairs and improvement to electrical installation and pump set in govt. quarters, munderi,
1665718160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 rewiring of electrical installation in govt. quarters no. a 5/23 a munderi,
1665618160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 special repairs to civil station, kalpetta wayanad - installation of submersible motor pump set in
1665518160209 09-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 special repair to district collector``s camp office and bunglow, - additions and improvements to e
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