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1041018141222 22-Dec-2014 29-Dec-2014 supply, installation, testing and commissioning of ups systems at cochin international airport ltd tenders
1027318141222 22-Dec-2014 05-Jan-2015 supply & installation of dot matrix, color office-jet, laser and multi-function printers at rt off tenders
1018718141222 22-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2014 construction of main block for gift at sw:raising of compound wall, renovation of open wells, poly tenders
1018618141222 22-Dec-2014 06-Jan-2015 laundry of pillow covers, bed sheets, towels, blankets and curtains of rttc hostel blocks i, ii, i tenders
1018518141222 22-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2014 periodical maintenance to te building at peyad, - nit no.19/cd-ii/tvm/2014-15 tenders
1008218141222 22-Dec-2014 27-Jan-2015 tender cum auction sale of confiscated vehicles auction
1005918141222 22-Dec-2014 01-Jan-2015 1990 model unused mahndra & mahindra make jeep kl 11 a 2560 tenders
1005818141222 22-Dec-2014 07-Jan-2015 auction sale of scrap materials tenders
1005718141222 22-Dec-2014 08-Jan-2015 for the disposal of 66 kv substation dismantled & old 110 v dc auxiliary relay type vaa (3 flags) tenders
1005618141222 22-Dec-2014 03-Jan-2015 providing two record rooms and a rest room at roof top of vydyuthi bhavanam, pala tenders
1005518141222 22-Dec-2014 06-Jan-2015 project acp 2014-15 - various canal maintenance works (11nos) (malyalam) tenders
1005418141222 22-Dec-2014 26-Dec-2014 patyam electrical section - interlinking works of kaloonimetta - chettimetta transformers tenders
1005318141222 22-Dec-2014 30-Dec-2014 auction sale of scrap mateials tenders
1005218141222 22-Dec-2014 30-Dec-2014 supply of diesel tempo traveler registered after 1.1.2008 with driver for the use of line maintena tenders
916818141222 22-Dec-2014 23-Dec-2014 providing comprehensive maintenance of 1.5tr st/wt ac units in impcs installations at te building tenders
916718141222 22-Dec-2014 23-Dec-2014 maintenance of 1 x 250 kva dry type & 1x100kva onan type o/d transformer substation at tenders
916618141222 22-Dec-2014 23-Dec-2014 prdg day to day operation & comprehensive maintenance of (3+1) x7tr pac plants in dts building alu tenders
916518141222 22-Dec-2014 01-Jan-2015 providing additional electrical infrastructure at old cto building thiruvalla sh:additional wiring tenders
916418141222 22-Dec-2014 01-Jan-2015 pre-maintenance of bts sites(phase i to iv) under dgm(bss), ms, sh:top overhauling and other works tenders
916318141222 22-Dec-2014 01-Jan-2015 sitc of lightning and surge controllers at micro wave station tenders
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