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1910316170525 25-May-2017 27-May-2017 supply of electrical meterials for street light reparing in various wards under kodungallur munici
1910216170525 25-May-2017 30-May-2017 supply of paracetamol granules 36000 kg
1910116170525 25-May-2017 30-May-2017 supply of dextrose anhydrous ip 14000 kgs
1910016170525 25-May-2017 30-May-2017 supply of metformin hydrochloride ip 27000 kg
1909916170525 25-May-2017 30-May-2017 supply, erection and commissioning of c-f 40 hp pump set at nedungadappally pump house carwss to m
1909816170525 25-May-2017 08-Jun-2017 supply of poster paper(white) ra1,90gsm(23.6 kg per ream of 500 sheets) machine glazed
1909716170525 25-May-2017 26-Jun-2017 supply of medicines
1909616170525 25-May-2017 21-Jun-2017 supply and installation of penski martin closed cap
1909516170525 25-May-2017 14-Jun-2017 supply of flexible s/wire braided rub hose
1909416170525 25-May-2017 14-Jun-2017 supply of wire rope sling
1909316170525 25-May-2017 09-Jun-2017 supply of water bath with temperature control - 50 nos. for our milk co-operative societies in dis
1909216170525 25-May-2017 09-Jun-2017 supply of art card ra1 size (61 x 86 cm)170 gsma
1909116170525 25-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 supply, installation, testing and commissioning of smart class rooms,desktop computer,printer and
1909016170525 25-May-2017 08-Jun-2017 supply of hcl heater e 201 /202
1908916170525 25-May-2017 26-May-2017 supply of paint
1908816170525 25-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 supply of ct module(disconnection type - 10 pr type) for calicut ssa
1908716170525 25-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 supplying jeep/ equivalent vehicle (below 7 years old and having 1500 cc and above) with driver ro
1908616170525 25-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 supply and drawal of 11kv abc about 550 meters at crossing locations of 11kv lakkidi and kinfra fe
1908516170525 25-May-2017 05-Jun-2017 supply, installation, testing and commissioning of ctp machine with plate processor
1908416170525 25-May-2017 02-Jun-2017 supply and providing split air conditioner in pharmacy store at p h c arakkulam
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