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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
2378218160212 12-Feb-2016 11-Apr-2016 supply installation testing and handing over excluding civil works
2378118160212 12-Feb-2016 25-Mar-2016 supply of equipments for the use of advanced process control lab
2378018160212 12-Feb-2016 25-Mar-2016 supply of equipments for the use of bio medical lab
2377918160212 12-Feb-2016 11-Mar-2016 major repair works of kiln esp
2377818160212 12-Feb-2016 11-Mar-2016 construction of 9m dia intake well cum pump house and allied works, construction of 7 mld wtp and
2377718160212 12-Feb-2016 10-Mar-2016 construction of community skill park at - -electrical- plumbing-sanitary- road work-compound wall-
2377618160212 12-Feb-2016 04-Mar-2016 construction of pallikkathodu grama panchayat office building(first floor)
2377518160212 12-Feb-2016 03-Mar-2016 supply of oil free screw air compressor
2377418160212 12-Feb-2016 03-Mar-2016 supply of flood light fitting
2377318160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 new building construction
2377218160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 renovation of building
2377118160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 supply of drinking water
2377018160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 modification and maintenance works
2376918160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 construction of new building
2376818160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 renovation o fexisting building
2376718160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 concrete structure
2376618160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 concrete structure
2376518160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 concrete structure
2376418160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 procurement of laboratory equipments
2376318160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 concrete structure
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