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579818170628 28-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 solid chemically treated and seasoned finger joint rubber wood of 24mm thick to the following size
579718170628 28-Jun-2017 26-Jul-2017 ht hh screw of size m 10 x 1.25 mm x 96 mm long to is 1367 part - iii class- 8.8. make : tvs,pooja
579618170628 28-Jun-2017 26-Jul-2017 m 22 - nut steel to is 7002 -8 of drg no. skvl-478 item no .30
579518170628 28-Jun-2017 26-Jul-2017 197 dia ring gauge tool to elgi part no. 020329900
579418170628 28-Jun-2017 26-Jul-2017 rectangular section spring washer of size 1/2 x 2.2 to 2.5 mm thickness suitable for 1/2 bolt as p
579318170628 28-Jun-2017 26-Jul-2017 valve cap nut torque tool to elgi part no. 070409940
575918170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 clearing of bushes in sse/p.way/varkala section.
575818170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 painting of girder bridges and other steel structures due in 2017-18 in den/s portion
575718170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 hiring of road vehicle (non ac tata sumo/ tavera or similar type) for the official use of general
575518170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 srr-ers section - through rail renewal (p) for a length of 2.020 km.
575418170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 boxing of ballast to standard profile in sse/p.way/varkala section
575318170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 sub section-brightening of staff quarters.
575218170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 clearing of bushes in sse/p.way/quilon section.
575118170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 sub section brightening of service building & platform wall
575018170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 complete track renewal (p) for a length of 1.920 km.
574918170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 clearing of bushes in sse/p.way/mavelikkara section
574518170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 p.way section - (a) complete track renewal (p) 1.870 km (b) through rail renewal (p) 6.314 km
574418170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 improvements to waiting hall
574318170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 supply of materials and execution of miscellaneous works in zone e in pvrd(excl)-to tiruvalla(incl
574218170628 28-Jun-2017 03-Aug-2017 (a) complete track renewal (p) 4.025 km (b) through rail renewal (p) 4.574 km.
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