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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1063618170221 21-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 road tarring and drian construction
1063518170221 21-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 harigan colony community hall in gp
1063418170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 block panchayat annual plan 2016-17 block office transferred institution maintanance
1063318170221 21-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 budget work 2016_17 improvements to elephant gate road in amb constituency
1063218170221 21-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 road works
1063118170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 construction of anganwadi in gp
1063018170221 21-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 building
1062918170221 21-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 construction of road at colony
1062818170221 21-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 road works
1062718170221 21-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 deposit work jilla panchayatproviding water supply pipe line extension to sc colony in pt
1062618170221 21-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 improvements to road in gp
1062518170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 block panchayath annual plan 2016-2017 sc colony drainage in gp
1062418170221 21-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 drain works
1062318170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 lac-ads/2015-16/ constituency/construction of mahamuni mangalam kadavu in gp
1062218170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 water works
1062118170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 retarring road raising
1062018170221 21-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 steam kitchen in schools
1061918170221 21-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 supply of 687500 nos of polycarbonate seal for ddugjy projects under distribution central region
1061818170221 21-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 water filling station thomattuchal
1061718170221 21-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 haritha road soling metaling taring and drain
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