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2106016170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 construction of culvert drain and retaring of road in ward 1
2105916170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 retarring and drain of road in ward 15
2105816170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 construction of c c drain and metalling and tarring of road in ward 34
2105716170119 19-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 water supply works
2105616170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 construction of side protection wall and covering slab at temple south side thodu in ward 33
2105516170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 construction of agro service centre
2105416170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 road construction,concrete.
2105316170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 drinking water poject
2105216170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 improvement of road in ward-37 of municipality by retarring and side berm tile paving
2105116170119 19-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 road retarring and irish drain in ward 7 of naranganam gp
2105016170119 19-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 drinking water supply works
2104916170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 retarring of road in ward 11
2104816170119 19-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 construction of primary health centre in keralassery grama panchayath
2104716170119 19-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 toilet and stage
2104616170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 126/17 panchayath office renovation (civil works).manamboor gp under annual plan 2016-2017
2104516170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 road retarring in manamboor gp
2104416170119 19-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 improvements to road in ward of parassala gp
2104316170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 concreting of road in ward -12
2104216170119 19-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 construction of new building for community hall in keralassery grama panchayath
2104116170119 19-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 town hall elecrifiaction
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