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1131716161222 22-Dec-2016 30-Jan-2017 road tarring
1126216161222 22-Dec-2016 20-Jan-2017 selection of consultant for the infrastructure development of non major ports in kerala eoi
963816161222 22-Dec-2016 18-Jan-2017 supra pure acids for sample preparation
963716161222 22-Dec-2016 18-Jan-2017 consumable sample pfa vials for isotopic work
963616161222 22-Dec-2016 18-Jan-2017 hydraulic crusher (rock breaker) for sample processing in thin section/mineral separation lab
2027216161221 21-Dec-2016 23-Jan-2017 vehicle parking contract
2027116161221 21-Dec-2016 23-Jan-2017 vehicle parking contract
1934216161221 21-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 purchase of fully automatic tissue processor and manual rotary microtome with accessories
499918161221 21-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 supply of 350p gen9 server two processor processor intel xeon quard core configuration tower
1099316161221 21-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 telephone,telephone cable,pvc dp and db boxes
603116161221 21-Dec-2016 20-Feb-2017 supplying, laying, testing, commissioning and maintenance of various size of pvc, di and gi pipes
601716161221 21-Dec-2016 23-Jan-2017 rate contract for modular lan and ultra sound transducer array
1252316161220 20-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 lot no: 1 lot name: mahindra and mahindra 2000 model (kl-01s-671)
558718161220 20-Dec-2016 23-Jan-2017 purchase of 6kva ups
1806516161219 19-Dec-2016 28-Jan-2017 devpt and implemntn of userfriendly computer aided solution for integrating activities of various
1717616161219 19-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 mechanized cleaning contract of trvandrun central railway station area 2 2016-18
1717516161219 19-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 mechanized cleaning contract of railway station 2016-18
1717416161219 19-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 mechanized cleaning contract at kanniyakumari railway station 2016-18
1717316161219 19-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 mechanized cleaning of alway railway station 2016-18
1664516161219 19-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 telephone, telephone cable, pvc dp and db boxes
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