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1103818151128 28-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 of cable blowing & of construction work Share
1102718151128 28-Nov-2015 03-Dec-2015 to hire mattress pillow bed sheet quilt plastic chair Share
1101418151128 28-Nov-2015 01-Jan-2016 supply of 6 trucks (loading capacity 4.50 mt) on hire for transportation of p. way material and st Share
1101318151128 28-Nov-2015 28-Dec-2015 preparation and serving of meals,provision of subsidized meal house keeping of old and new running Share
1101218151128 28-Nov-2015 01-Jan-2016 special maintenance and supply zone bhopal-bina section in connection with annual gm inspection of Share
1101118151128 28-Nov-2015 01-Jan-2016 section - part a) heavy repairs to road culvert for draining out of stagnated water between km. 12 Share
1101018151128 28-Nov-2015 07-Jan-2016 comprehensive amc for coach guidance system Share
1090718151128 28-Nov-2015 28-Dec-2015 3d modeling of city, supply of the software, 360 degree camera system, computer hardware systems Share
1068818151128 28-Nov-2015 19-Dec-2015 renovation of 2 x1250 kva, 33kv/ 415 v outdoor type transformer substation at telecom factory rich Share
1062718151128 28-Nov-2015 29-Dec-2015 procurement of vari. mech. item Share
1062618151128 28-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 polyester film 90 cm width Share
1062318151128 28-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 tender document for purchase of: pressure transmitter (plain type) Share
1062118151128 28-Nov-2015 11-Dec-2015 paper carrier rope longlife & paper carrier rope protector Share
1061818151128 28-Nov-2015 01-Jan-2016 outsourcing of different activity in ac plant Share
1058118151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 design, manufacturing, supply, installation,testing and commissioning of 8 passenger electric elev Share
1051318151128 28-Nov-2015 04-Dec-2015 construction of traction sub-station, ohe-psi-depot & staff quarters (05 unit-type- ii, 03 -unit-t Share
1051218151128 28-Nov-2015 04-Dec-2015 construction of traction sub-station at patwara station, ohe-psi-depot & staff quarters (06 unit-t Share
1051118151128 28-Nov-2015 04-Dec-2015 construction of traction sub-station at bankhedi station, ohe-psi-depot & staff quarters (16 unit- Share
1047118151128 28-Nov-2015 05-Jan-2016 amc of fire extinguisher Share
1041018151128 28-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 outsourcing of various semi skilled jobs though job contract for hr canteen Share
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