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1067118150302 02-Mar-2015 18-Mar-2015 tender invited for procurement (handpump fitting material, stationary etc) & repairing works etc, tenders
1067018150302 02-Mar-2015 10-Mar-2015 tender invited for construction of night shelter at bus stand . tenders
1066918150302 02-Mar-2015 10-Mar-2015 tender invited for prepration of dpr (for rajiv awas yojna & sfcpoa) etc, tenders
1055518150302 02-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 design, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 10 passenger electric el corrigendum
1049618150302 02-Mar-2015 23-Mar-2015 for construction / development, supply, transportation, erection, commissioning and running of col tenders
1049518150302 02-Mar-2015 11-Mar-2015 for auction of plots at mandi samiti ganjbasoda dist. vidisha tenders
1037518150302 02-Mar-2015 25-Mar-2015 polyester bags for mineral mixture tenders
1037418150302 02-Mar-2015 23-Mar-2015 transportation of cattlefeed from pachama to various places tenders
1037318150302 02-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 amc & stamping of weighing machines tenders
1018218150302 02-Mar-2015 13-Mar-2015 servers, san storage and networking equipment s for grp state response monitoring system tenders
1006218150302 02-Mar-2015 18-Mar-2015 rubberized coir mattress and pillow tenders
1006118150302 02-Mar-2015 18-Mar-2015 phenyl isi marked tenders
987218150302 02-Mar-2015 17-Mar-2015 construction of agriculture input centre under the bundelkhand draught mitigation package phase-ii tenders
954818150302 02-Mar-2015 24-Mar-2015 repair/ maint of roads in certain areas at saugor tenders
954718150302 02-Mar-2015 24-Mar-2015 provn of security fencing at bdy between 305 fd regt and main gate at dhana mil stn tenders
954618150302 02-Mar-2015 24-Mar-2015 repair/replacement of water supply distribution line at dhana tenders
954518150302 02-Mar-2015 20-Mar-2015 repair/maintenance of otm accn located in grc area .of ageb/r ii under ge(w) tenders
954418150302 02-Mar-2015 18-Mar-2015 provn of drain in married accn area (hc) of awc, mhow (mp) tenders
954318150302 02-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 outsourcing of services tenders
954218150302 02-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 provision of furniture for main adm blcok at inf school mhow tenders
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