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1147418150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 repairing of 1 no. main hydraulic pump (a4vg90) feeder(a4vg90) tenders
1144218150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 trimmimg of tree and bushes of different line tenders
1144118150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 calliberation and cleaning of 02 nos road weigh bridge tenders
1144018150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 repairing and mtc of11kv , 440v oh line power supply tenders
1143918150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 repairing and mtc of 6.6kv 3.3kv oh line at mines tenders
1143818150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 dismantling of existing steel structure of pontoon tenders
1143718150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 cleaning of spillage/fallen coal/malma/silt accumulated coal along the 47 level west belt conveyor tenders
1143618150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 pcc work in floor in small part of incline no.9 and drain cutting in -2l travelling cum tramming r tenders
1143018150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 making fabricated universal joints for use in pump at pontoon of block-b tenders
1142918150427 27-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 replacement of top and bottom plate of bed of feeder breaker of interim chp tenders
1130018150427 27-Apr-2015 19-May-2015 repair and maintenance work of field hostel no. 2 and dispensary at urja vihar parisar sidhwarkut. tenders
1127618150427 27-Apr-2015 18-May-2015 term contract for repairing/renovation of cantonment board school buildings for year 2015-16 in tenders
1127518150427 27-Apr-2015 18-May-2015 term contract for repairing/renovation of cantonment board group toilets and urinal for year 2015- tenders
1088318150427 27-Apr-2015 04-Jun-2015 setting up of rural bpo in mp under swiss challenge method tenders
1088218150427 27-Apr-2015 27-May-2015 supply of guide wheel for scrapper conveyor of unit no 6 to 9 at stps sarni. as per drg no bm-ii/3 tenders
1088118150427 27-Apr-2015 25-May-2015 supply of return idler wheel for scrapper conveyor for 10 mt/hr capacity and 20 mt/hr capacity for tenders
1088018150427 27-Apr-2015 25-May-2015 supply of fluid coupling for scrapper conveyor and clinker grinder equivalent to prembill make 10. tenders
1087918150427 27-Apr-2015 24-May-2015 hiring of four-wheeler diesel jeep along with drivers, for the user in shift duties at se opn-iv, tenders
1087818150427 27-Apr-2015 21-May-2015 construction of c.c.road at ward no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 13 in tenders
1087718150427 27-Apr-2015 18-May-2015 fire fighting and d.g. set installation work at lawyers chamber, arera hills, bhopal. tenders
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