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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
666218140930 30-Sep-2014 14-Oct-2014 standardization of rates for solar cooker tenders
661718140930 30-Sep-2014 27-Oct-2014 procurement of quick fix setting putty required tenders
661418140930 30-Sep-2014 27-Oct-2014 procurement of non condovite compound and tenders
656518140930 30-Sep-2014 11-Oct-2014 hiring of 01 nos diesel covered jeep( non a/c) make tata/ mandm/ bajaj tempo on 12 hours per day b tenders
656418140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 hinge h-1 to drg isv-2093 tenders
656218140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 handle with handle clip tenders
655518140930 30-Sep-2014 07-Oct-2014 finished cylinder component tenders
655218140930 30-Sep-2014 11-Oct-2014 expression of interest for outright sale of bina kurwai sironj bot road project corrigendum
654418140930 30-Sep-2014 20-Oct-2014 different size of ms nut and bolts tenders
653618140930 30-Sep-2014 28-Oct-2014 cover overall tenders
653418140930 30-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 construction of office building along with other structure for stpi tenders
653318140930 30-Sep-2014 10-Oct-2014 construction of new laboratory building for cfsl tenders
652518140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 channel to pt. no. 2041 tenders
652418140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 centre partition tenders
652318140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 catch pt. no. isv-585 tenders
652218140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 catch assy. isv - 1a tenders
651818140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 bracket cartg. (rear). tenders
651718140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 bracket cartg. (front) tenders
651618140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 bracket b-2 (sub assy.) tenders
651518140930 30-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 bracket b-2 (sub assy.) tenders
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