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1323618150523 23-May-2015 23-Jun-2015 provn of supply and manufacture of furniturefor married accn phase-ii works at Share
1320818150523 23-May-2015 15-Jun-2015 spl rep to bldg no p-126 near balram enclave, boundray wall of new napier line and drain, culvert Share
1320718150523 23-May-2015 15-Jun-2015 spl rep for re coupment of surveyed off furniture item for otm ann of various units and offrs or q Share
1317518150523 23-May-2015 08-Jun-2015 repair to roofing and false ceiling to certain bldgs under ge (mcte) mhow Share
1317418150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 provision of basketball court near bldg no wb 1 of mcte under ge mcte mhow Share
1317318150523 23-May-2015 03-Jun-2015 cleaning of sewage lines and connected works under ge mcte mhow Share
1314218150523 23-May-2015 15-Jun-2015 repair/ maintenance to md and otm accn of demo sqn , demo bty and mes qtrs under ge(awc) mhow Share
1269718150523 23-May-2015 10-Jun-2015 24 hrs. security, maintenance and gardening at rrb office,. Share
1269318150523 23-May-2015 26-Jun-2015 sand blasting of bogie frames with accessories of locomotives of diesel loco shed, new katni junct Share
1269218150523 23-May-2015 30-Jun-2015 provision of additional sliding type lc gate to ensure safety at interlocked lc gates (72 nos.) on Share
1269118150523 23-May-2015 30-Jun-2015 removal & fitment of side wall ,end wall flooring of 180 boxn wagon at c&w depot nkj Share
1269018150523 23-May-2015 30-Jun-2015 automation of pumps + miscellaneous works Share
1268918150523 23-May-2015 02-Jul-2015 provision of 2 nos. 10 kw solar power plant at drm office . Share
1268718150523 23-May-2015 30-Jun-2015 repairing, cleaning, grinding & buffing of old released stainless steel inlay (indian & western st Share
1268618150523 23-May-2015 26-Jun-2015 safety audit of crws/ as per is 14489 (reaffirmed 2002) Share
1268318150523 23-May-2015 29-May-2015 pay and use toilets at station of division. Share
1268218150523 23-May-2015 24-Jun-2015 pay and use toilets at station of division. Share
1268118150523 23-May-2015 22-Jun-2015 mechanized cleaning contact at bina railway station of division. Share
1268018150523 23-May-2015 23-Jun-2015 cycle scooter motor cycle stand parking contact at itarsi station of division Share
1267918150523 23-May-2015 23-Jun-2015 installation of lcd/led/plasma tv for coach guidance system of station Share
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