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1462318170218 18-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 annual maintenance contract (civil) 201718 at kolhapur airport. sh: nonoperational area
1413118170218 18-Feb-2017 09-Mar-2017 design, drawing approval, fabrication, manufacturing, testing, inspection, safe delivery and guara
1371718170218 18-Feb-2017 28-Mar-2017 cleaning ,oiling and greasing of soot blower in unit no.08 and 09 stps,sarni.
1371618170218 18-Feb-2017 24-Mar-2017 special repair work strengthning of village road bridges ch 1600, 1654, 1754, 1873, 1958, 1996, 21
1371518170218 18-Feb-2017 24-Mar-2017 const of 12 mig a , 12 lig a 30 lig b and 44 ews b houses with compound wall ic internal ws and ef
1371418170218 18-Feb-2017 22-Mar-2017 improvement of water supply in parishads in jhabua district and bhavra nagar parishad in
1371318170218 18-Feb-2017 22-Mar-2017 improvement of water supply in parishads in
1371218170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Mar-2017 supply of 01 nos mahindra bolero maxitruc plus turbo
1371118170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Mar-2017 supply of 01 tractor as per nit
1371018170218 18-Feb-2017 20-Mar-2017 laying of distribution network and clear water rising main at
1370918170218 18-Feb-2017 20-Mar-2017 const of 10 mig-a, 40 lig-a and 50 lig-b houses i/c internal w/s and e/f works at colony road
1370818170218 18-Feb-2017 18-Mar-2017 deputation semi skilled persons on contractual basis at various loading sidings of m/s secl to wit
1370718170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 construction of box culvert at mandi yard //iind call//
1370618170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 assistance in routine maintenance of electrical installation of quarters/hostel buildings in mppgc
1370518170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 240 hp motor crompton make 1-make - crompton greaves 2- h.p.-240 h.p. 3-k.w. - 180 4-r.p.m -1470 5
1370418170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 roads, dividers, drain, sewer lines, public toilets and other utilities including allied works
1370318170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 construction of r.c.c. box-culvert at fruit and vegetable mandi yard seoni distt.-seoni
1370218170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 240 hp pump kilosker make 1- make - kirloskar 2- type- dsm- 6.30 3- head- 142 mtr 4- discharge -83
1370118170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 construction of boundary wall, toilet, office building extension and meeting hall constn, conversi
1370018170218 18-Feb-2017 16-Mar-2017 morena sahar me raliway underbrize se ambah tirahe tak cc road, drain etc work
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