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710052151001 03-Oct-2015 13-Oct-2015 cylindrical roller bearing suitable for traction motor tao 659 armature-pe to skf ecm-c4 Share
709052151001 03-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 ioh kit maintenance kit for overhauling medha mrt 921 recorder and indicator ver-02 energy cum spee Share
708052151001 03-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 guide for rotex magnet valve type sr 3038, si no-22, ref-33 Share
668052151003 03-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 area development around newly constructed f-type quarters Share
648052151003 03-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 for supply of desk top computers & printers Share
626052151001 03-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 periodical maintenance of electrical installations of glf systems, navaids, old terminal building, Share
617052151001 03-Oct-2015 08-Oct-2015 news papers auction Share
612052151001 03-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 licence for bank automated teller machine(siteiii) Share
576518151003 03-Oct-2015 30-Oct-2015 enquiry for supply of g.m.hallow bar Share
576418151003 03-Oct-2015 23-Oct-2015 procurement of m.s. flange and m.s. nut and bolt Share
576318151003 03-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 tender notice for hiring of vehicle Share
576218151003 03-Oct-2015 14-Oct-2015 hiring of operator(06 nos) & supervisor (01 no) in chhioki-manikpur section of jhansi division , n Share
576118151003 03-Oct-2015 16-Nov-2015 rate contract for two years for supply of gear items of hoist gear system of 24/96 draglines Share
576018151003 03-Oct-2015 06-Oct-2015 procurement of cylender block of saa12v140e-3 komatsu engine of hd785-7(100t) dumper Share
575918151003 03-Oct-2015 06-Oct-2015 procurement of spares for saa12v140e-3 komatsu engine of hd785-7(100t) dumpers. Share
575818151003 03-Oct-2015 06-Oct-2015 procurement of rack segment and crowd pinion Share
575718151003 03-Oct-2015 19-Oct-2015 procurement of latch lever and latch bar for p and h 1900al shovel of project. Share
575618151003 03-Oct-2015 20-Oct-2015 ote cloth acrylic rayon white 1219.2 mm 48 wide to specification no ind me 973 a prov latest spcn Share
575518151003 03-Oct-2015 17-Oct-2015 extension of existing substation at township Share
575418151003 03-Oct-2015 16-Nov-2015 supply of electrical spares for 24/96 dragline Share
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