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1785316160630 30-Jun-2016 08-Jul-2016 copper lugs preinsulated double grip ring terminal size 2.5 sq mm as per dowells cat no psd-7456 o
1772116160630 30-Jun-2016 11-Jul-2016 parallel clamp 150 -160 as per rdso drg no eti /ohe /p/ 1050- 3 rev a
1771616160630 30-Jun-2016 19-Jul-2016 special bolt assly for gear case fixing of hitachi traction motor, as per wr-ccg-el/4-bt-0
1771516160630 30-Jun-2016 15-Jul-2016 pin for brake rigging to icf std-3-2-001,alt.-g/10 item.-2
1771316160630 30-Jun-2016 11-Jul-2016 feeder ending clamp 150 al bronge as per rdso drawing no.eti/ohe/p/1130 as per rdso
1771116160630 30-Jun-2016 08-Jul-2016 poh kit for am-12/ir-01/pan-01 pantograph consisting spares of 15 sub assemblies as per enclosed a
1771016160630 30-Jun-2016 08-Jul-2016 wireless lan card wi fi protected access wpa.wpa2 wi fi protected setup tm wpspush button
1770516160630 30-Jun-2016 15-Jul-2016 pin for brake rigging for 1969 jessop icf t/c to drg no. tr/rs/659 r3 part no.8
1753716160630 30-Jun-2016 12-Jul-2016 oil immersed contactor 200 amps complete with contact tips for jyoti make pida type 150 hp oil imm
1753616160630 30-Jun-2016 12-Jul-2016 fuse 06 amps. cns off set clip in type having breaking capacity minimum 80 ka 415 volt ac 50 hz su
1753516160630 30-Jun-2016 05-Jul-2016 class - iii digital signature certificate and usb token e - pass 2003 for e - tendering/ auction.
1753416160630 30-Jun-2016 05-Jul-2016 single bed cot of metal frame mild steel/crca steel with powder coating colour in black/brown dft
1751916160630 30-Jun-2016 20-Jul-2016 a set of heavy duty maintenance free lead acid battery for 140t bd crane. set consists : 1
1751816160630 30-Jun-2016 05-Jul-2016 set of back rest frame for four seater and single seat of gs and slr coaches, one set consist one
1745116160630 30-Jun-2016 02-Aug-2016 pair of modified axle bearing assly.for pe side of tao-659 comprising of one upper and one lower h
1745016160630 30-Jun-2016 02-Aug-2016 pair of modified axle bearing assly. for ce side of tao 659 comprising of one upper and one lower
1744816160630 30-Jun-2016 26-Jul-2016 coupler body welded with shank wear plate for non-transition cbc to rdso drg. no.- sk-62724, alt.-
1741016160630 30-Jun-2016 25-Jul-2016 twist drill, parallel shank, jobber series of designation, twist drill 4.80 is 5101 conforming to
1740916160630 30-Jun-2016 25-Jul-2016 metal to metal 110 v ac led ecr with base plate and complete accessories for led signals without g
1740816160630 30-Jun-2016 21-Jul-2016 1.1 kv grade 2 core 300 xlpe insulated pvc sheathed aluminium conductor armoured electric po
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