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1329918160504 04-May-2016 23-May-2016 low voltage bs type hrc fuse bolted type, rated current: 160 amps, rated voltage: 500v ac,centr
1329818160504 04-May-2016 20-May-2016 3/4 inch duplex check valve set at 5 plus minus 0.1 kg per square cm to wsf s pt. no.ic70024/1 [pa
1329718160504 04-May-2016 20-May-2016 end frame driving end assembly machined with air outlet net of wap7/wag9 loco for traction motor
1329618160504 04-May-2016 19-May-2016 earth return brush holder assly. with brush as per clw, alt-c or latest [ref.a
1329518160504 04-May-2016 19-May-2016 blower for machine room as per clw spec no.clw/es/3/0020 alt.f or latest.
1329418160504 04-May-2016 11-May-2016 supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of electric operated gearless type wi
1315818160504 04-May-2016 06-Jun-2016 energy efficient led tube light of capacity 18w with inbuilt drive along with suitable features fo
1286218160504 04-May-2016 25-May-2016 front cover for 110volt battery box.
1286118160504 04-May-2016 23-May-2016 potentiometer 5k ohms 7.5 w along with back plate fixing arrangement suitable for rectifier cum re
1286018160504 04-May-2016 23-May-2016 electronic ballast for flourscent lights , input voltage 110v dc for 18w flourscent lamps as per r
1285918160504 04-May-2016 23-May-2016 emergency feed terminal board assembly for 110v dc tl system as per rdsos drg. no. skel-3929 with
1285818160504 04-May-2016 20-May-2016 transformer oil for wag-9 and wap-7 [3-phase] locomotives as per clw specification no. clw/es/3/01
1148418160504 04-May-2016 20-May-2016 quotation for supply items harpic, phenyl, odonil, mosquito liquid, goodnight mosquito coil, napht
1137718160504 04-May-2016 16-May-2016 for supply, installation and training of laboratory equipment/software for the department of produ
1137218160504 04-May-2016 02-Jun-2016 empanelment of vendors for supply of books/cd/dvd and audio visual material to central library, ii
1134318160504 04-May-2016 09-May-2016 itc of 1.5tr/2.0tr split type ac units in place of damaged/ life expired wac/sac units at various
1134218160504 04-May-2016 12-May-2016 repairing of electrical installation at t.e./bts sites at under ssa.
1134118160504 04-May-2016 12-May-2016 repairing of submersible pump motors sets at te rajkanika under ssa.
1134018160504 04-May-2016 17-May-2016 printing of telephone bills in ssa
1123218160504 04-May-2016 07-May-2016 online single percentage rate offer(s) in two part system are invited from reputed, resourceful an
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