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1096018151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 road work Share
1095918151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 road work Share
1095818151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 road work Share
1094618151128 28-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 amc for quarry lighting work out door type with 400w or 250w or 150w or 70w hpsv, metal, cfl, led Share
1094518151128 28-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 annual operation and maintenance of round the clock (in three shifts) epabx console board ug cable Share
1094418151128 28-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 amc for surface lighting work out door type with 400w or 250w or 150w or 70w hpsv, metal, cfl, led Share
1094318151128 28-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 day to day cable handling work and overhead line repair works in different lt and ht overhead line Share
1094218151128 28-Nov-2015 28-Dec-2015 construction of project office of kulda ocp of bg area. Share
1094118151128 28-Nov-2015 09-Dec-2015 supply of computer paper Share
1094018151128 28-Nov-2015 28-Dec-2015 procurement of surface miner with drum width not less than 3800 mm along with marc for 07 years in Share
1093918151128 28-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 annual contract for dismantling, erection and diversion of 6.6 kv and 3.3 kv overhead lines poles, Share
1093818151128 28-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 procurement of industrial gases. Share
1093718151128 28-Nov-2015 11-Dec-2015 annual operation contract for 03 (three) dg sets (02 nos. 30 kva and 01 no. 140 kva) along with it Share
1093618151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 rate contract for hiring of vehicles on as and when required basis for mcl hq. type of vehicle is Share
1093518151128 28-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 procurement of bunker level sensor. Share
1069218151128 28-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 miscellaneous work assistance for telecommuni Share
1069118151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 annual r&m of rcc flooring Share
1069018151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 cgi sheeting around dry ash disposal system Share
1068918151128 28-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 loading trnsportation&unloading of material Share
1063218151128 28-Nov-2015 01-Jan-2016 hiring of road vehicle tata-207 di ex or equivalent for ohe depot at (bbs) for two years with 24ho Share
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