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485052150801 01-Aug-2015 29-Aug-2015 acquisition of premises on lease basis Share
437052150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 purchase of different equipment and other article audio visual projection system, thermal imager Share
436052150801 01-Aug-2015 18-Aug-2015 purchase of different equipments and other articles like tubular folding steel bed cots, multi comp Share
435052150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 purchase of different equipments high resolution computerized stereo microscope with camera and i Share
434052150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 purchase of different scientific equipments, hid sequencing dna kits, chemical reagents and plastic Share
431052150801 01-Aug-2015 19-Aug-2015 purchase of the following tentage items and riot control materials g.s pal tent cover , body prot Share
430052150801 01-Aug-2015 19-Aug-2015 purchase of different types of clothing articles, nylon web equipments and police flags Share
429052150801 01-Aug-2015 19-Aug-2015 shifting of 11kv/lt line Share
428052150801 01-Aug-2015 17-Aug-2015 procurement of steel almirahs, steel racks, inverter & battery Share
427052150801 01-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 supply of tiffin packets Share
364118150801 01-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 miscllaneous civil works in room no-02 ,ground floor ,rttc building Share
364018150801 01-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 provision of anti-static vinyl flooring in 10 nos. new bts sites Share
363918150801 01-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 s.i.t.c. of 03no. 24 kva avr at different bts sites Share
363818150801 01-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 provision of anti-static vinyl flooring in 10 nos. new bts sites Share
363718150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 for hiring of vehicles for field and hqs duties of zone-ii Share
362318150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 construction of three nos. security watch tow Share
362218150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 operational assistance in sga main plant Share
362118150801 01-Aug-2015 18-Aug-2015 annual maintenance contract for dell servers Share
338618150801 01-Aug-2015 28-Aug-2015 execution of emergency /normal opgw stringing and maintenance works in ehv transmission lines in o Share
338518150801 01-Aug-2015 21-Aug-2015 supply of 02nos 245 kv sf6 circuit breaker. (b)-provide supervision service during commissioning o Share
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