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2088916160701 01-Jul-2016 21-Jul-2016 annual medical examination of the employees of heavy water plant, talcher.
2069916160701 01-Jul-2016 19-Jul-2016 lte for procurement of multimode microplate reader - r gp 101
2069016160701 01-Jul-2016 04-Jul-2016 for hiring of premises for proposed regional offices at under circle office
2067516160701 01-Jul-2016 18-Jul-2016 annual maintenance contract (amc) of computers, peripherals, network items & lan working in the di
2066016160701 01-Jul-2016 21-Jul-2016 rate contract for overhauling of simpson engi
2059416160701 01-Jul-2016 18-Jul-2016 request for proposal for empanelment of vendors ref. no:isl/605, dt: 29/06/2016
2054916160701 01-Jul-2016 13-Jul-2016 replacement of 11 sets of old single isolators in 220 kv bays at grid s/s,
2054216160701 01-Jul-2016 15-Jul-2016 development of integrated township over 67 acres at jagasara, odisha
2054116160701 01-Jul-2016 15-Jul-2016 development of integrated township over 67 acres at jagasara, odisha
2052216160701 01-Jul-2016 05-Jul-2016 for supply of hp laser jet pro mfp printer for the office of the
2039916160701 01-Jul-2016 20-Jul-2016 procurement of aaa conductor
2039816160701 01-Jul-2016 19-Jul-2016 supply of pvc twin core aluminium wires
2039716160701 01-Jul-2016 19-Jul-2016 supply of cast iron pipes
2039616160701 01-Jul-2016 11-Jul-2016 shifting of overhead line at different construction sites of anand vihar colony of mcl hq
2013216160701 01-Jul-2016 14-Jul-2016 direct assessment of north oil jetty line at paradip and oil jetty line-iii at
2013016160701 01-Jul-2016 05-Jul-2016 supply of silicon sealant rustolene marking cloth cotton waste insulating tape silica gel
2012916160701 01-Jul-2016 05-Jul-2016 supply of motor operated valve
2012816160701 01-Jul-2016 07-Jul-2016 supply of mechanical seal spares of as per technical specifications mentioned in rfq.
1953516160701 01-Jul-2016 08-Jul-2016 completion of incomplete market complex
1953416160701 01-Jul-2016 13-Jul-2016 construction of compund wall at s.w.m. plant near grid -substation in ward no 1. (reach-ii)
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