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1359316170726 26-Jul-2017 03-Aug-2017 renovation of dhama road tank, sambalpur (balance portion)
1359216170726 26-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 shifting of 16 mtr. high mast at brahmeswar chhak and installation of led lights in different loca
1359116170726 26-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 provision of street light at defense colony in ward no.-14.
1359016170726 26-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 provision of street light from governor house to gopabandhu chhak (median) with 11 mtr. six arm.
1358916170726 26-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 installation and energisation of badkadalipali lips revival under tarva block
1358816170726 26-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 installation and energisation of bhramarpali-i mrlps under binika block
1358716170726 26-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 installation and energisation of kenjriapali mrlps under b.m pur block
1358616170726 26-Jul-2017 03-Aug-2017 raising and strengthening work of river embankment.
1353416170726 26-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 repairing/testing of 48 k v a oilcoled avr at t e/ bts b m pur & 30 kva aircooled avr
1353316170726 26-Jul-2017 28-Jul-2017 corrigendum - attending & rectifying of fault of 24/48kva avr at various mobile bts sites
1353216170726 26-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 repairing of 24 kva avr at bts uluva, replacement of locking arrangement of dg set of bts uluva an
1353116170726 26-Jul-2017 16-Aug-2017 operation and general maintenance of electromechanical services, operation of lifts and comprehens
1353016170726 26-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 repairing/testing of 24/30 kva air coled avr at t e / bts at jagannathpada,hotel tribeni & dhumabh
1352916170726 26-Jul-2017 17-Aug-2017 for sweeping, cleaning & housekeeping work of door sanchar bhawan & telephone bhawan
1352816170726 26-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 misc ht repairing and allied works at te/bts kutasinga,uluva & gudighat under balangir ssa ,
1352716170726 26-Jul-2017 26-Aug-2017 filling of abandoned stone quarry
1352616170726 26-Jul-2017 23-Aug-2017 for calcined petroleum coke
1352516170726 26-Jul-2017 16-Aug-2017 laying of pipes, installation of valves & pum
1352416170726 26-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 rt das for data transmission to cpcb
1350016170726 26-Jul-2017 08-Aug-2017 operation of dewatering pumps
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