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969418150130 30-Jan-2015 20-Feb-2015 design , manufacturing ,testing, supply and delivery of 27nos. 245kv potential transformers & 8 no tenders
942818150130 30-Jan-2015 04-Feb-2015 1. cross member 2. cross member tenders
942718150130 30-Jan-2015 13-Feb-2015 silent block for anchor link tenders
942618150130 30-Jan-2015 13-Feb-2015 silent block for anchor link tenders
942518150130 30-Jan-2015 02-Feb-2015 roof arch for ac 3 tier lhb coaches tenders
942418150130 30-Jan-2015 30-Jan-2015 under slung water tank tenders
942318150130 30-Jan-2015 27-Feb-2015 transportation of railway material from to rcf. tenders
942218150130 30-Jan-2015 20-Feb-2015 pvc flooring roll tenders
942118150130 30-Jan-2015 20-Feb-2015 wooden pipe clamp tenders
942018150130 30-Jan-2015 05-Feb-2015 set of side wall items for lhb gs coach tenders
941918150130 30-Jan-2015 02-Feb-2015 roof feet insulator for pantograph tenders
934118150130 30-Jan-2015 10-Feb-2015 (1) conservancy services at patiala, dhuri & sangrur in the section of aden/patiala (2) laying of tenders
933418150130 30-Jan-2015 16-Feb-2015 registration of firms for local purchase of medicines for sub, and health unit, tenders
931918150130 30-Jan-2015 05-Mar-2015 spares for hp make b2600 workstation of dcs system stage-i. tenders
931818150130 30-Jan-2015 20-Feb-2015 hiring of one no. tata 407 or equivalent 2.50 ton vehicle for one year from date 01-03-2015 model tenders
881818150130 30-Jan-2015 06-Feb-2015 supply and installation of lan system tenders
877018150130 30-Jan-2015 27-Feb-2015 supply of fire extinguishers of different type in power house and 220 kv switchyard of right bank tenders
860718150130 30-Jan-2015 06-Feb-2015 provn of wall around the perimeter of tcp with y shape barbed wire fencing on the wall under ge so corrigendum
860118150130 30-Jan-2015 05-Feb-2015 special repairs to roof treatment and all connected work (approx 432.43 sqm) in otm accn bldg no p corrigendum
860018150130 30-Jan-2015 05-Feb-2015 spl repair to building no p-111 (unit mandir), provn of 01 x 2 wheeler parking shed for 20 wheeler corrigendum
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