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1127218150129 29-Jan-2015 23-Feb-2015 expression of interest (eoi) for setting up of water carrier system for utilisation of required qu tenders
1127118150129 29-Jan-2015 11-Feb-2015 transportation of gypsum (rom) from ballar & / or ballar-ii gypsum mines, it`s unloading, grinding corrigendum
1127018150129 29-Jan-2015 07-Feb-2015 hiring of premises for banks branch corrigendum
1123918150129 29-Jan-2015 10-Feb-2015 p clamps tenders
1121818150129 29-Jan-2015 10-Feb-2015 balance work of const. of intake channel, structure, pumphouse, raw water reservoir, canal network corrigendum
1121718150129 29-Jan-2015 05-Feb-2015 repairing of rcc over head service reservoirs of capacities 1350 kl at kila, 1350 kl atal bundh, 7 corrigendum
1121618150129 29-Jan-2015 12-Feb-2015 removal of overburden, raising and transportation etc. of saleable lignite from gb-2 pit of giral corrigendum
1121518150129 29-Jan-2015 11-Feb-2015 purchase of 2 x 24kv post insulators as per specification under tn-5024 corrigendum
1121418150129 29-Jan-2015 06-Feb-2015 purchase of 8.0 meter long 200 kg pcc poles corrigendum
1121318150129 29-Jan-2015 03-Feb-2015 sitc of central air conditioning plant at lectures theatre and examination hall at dr. s.n. medica tenders
1121218150129 29-Jan-2015 28-Feb-2015 repair of road cut done by phed for water supply pipe line at road zone 2a area, tenders
1121118150129 29-Jan-2015 03-Feb-2015 remaining work at phc bhindusi in district alwar tenders
1121018150129 29-Jan-2015 03-Feb-2015 outer development work at 100 bedded mch unit db hospital tenders
1087018150129 29-Jan-2015 03-Feb-2015 sitc of ss dust bins corrigendum
1086818150129 29-Jan-2015 30-Jan-2015 development of airport at () in rajasthan. sh: construction of terminal building corrigendum
1079418150129 29-Jan-2015 25-Feb-2015 total turnkey solution for upgradation of i.t. infrastructure tenders
1062818150129 29-Jan-2015 26-Feb-2015 supply of security feature enabled degree sheets, printing of data on degree sheets using laser pr tenders
1059618150129 29-Jan-2015 18-Feb-2015 providing and fixing steel main gates and cow catcher at new building for raj. high court tenders
1049818150129 29-Jan-2015 05-Feb-2015 construction of new international building and allied works at airport. sh: providing and fixing i tenders
1045218150129 29-Jan-2015 04-Feb-2015 construction of welcome gate at ambari amrakh ji mahadev near main road (90/01) tenders
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