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1417218151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 porta hut (10 persons)-4 nos. Share
1417118151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 led screen (for conference halls and training institutions 95 inch)-1 nos. Share
1417018151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 frp helmets -7010 nos. Share
1416918151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 body protector full ( with elbow guards etc.)-275 nos Share
1416818151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 multipurpose belt-625 nos Share
1416718151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 polycarbonate lathi-6965 nos. Share
1416618151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 tutorial chair-850 nos. Share
1416518151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 porta hut (4-5 persons)-39 nos. Share
1416418151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 interceptor-10 nos. Share
1416318151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 policarbonate shield-7000 nos. Share
1416218151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 impact resistance shield-625 nos. Share
1416118151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 porta hut (30 persons)-3 nos. Share
1416018151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 body protector sets half-6995 nos. Share
1415918151124 24-Nov-2015 22-Dec-2015 bollard-10 nos Share
1415818151124 24-Nov-2015 27-Nov-2015 shifting of overhead electrical lines to underground cable along with its associated works in city Share
1415718151124 24-Nov-2015 09-Dec-2015 s r of existing auction platform and covering by precoated sheet roofing near secretary office bui Share
1415618151124 24-Nov-2015 26-Nov-2015 supply of cattle feed raw materials Share
1415518151124 24-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 construction of dharamshala at chc Share
1415418151124 24-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 construction of dharamshala at chc Share
1415318151124 24-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 construction of dharamshala at chc badrel, district banswara Share
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