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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1047416181018 18-Oct-2018 22-Oct-2018 Refer Document. outsourcing the fish
1027216181018 18-Oct-2018 31-Oct-2018 INR 610163 supply of uhd foam pigs and commissioning pigs
1027116181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 1323315 providing and maintaining one hired maruti swift dzire / toyota platinum etios / honda amaze (dies
1027016181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 4357534 provision of canopy
1026916181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 3998553 provision of canopy
934416181018 18-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 INR 13126271 approval for the contract of routine breakdown and capital maintenance works of roller coal mill z
934316181018 18-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 INR 10676930 annual contract for maintenance of conveyor system and associated equipments pump houses and decan
934216181018 18-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 INR 4192855 annual contract for routine/ breakdown capital maintenance of fire hydrant, hvw and mvw spray syst
934116181018 18-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 INR 4168082 annual work contract for cleaning and maintenance assistance work of c n i equipments and instrume
934016181018 18-Oct-2018 01-Nov-2018 INR 3735782 routine break down capital maint work of 2x250 mw ash handling plant system and various pumps of u
933916181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 3300000 procurement of h2so4 naocl and hcl storage tanks
933816181018 18-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 INR 2720000 annual repair and maintenance of bitumen road and berms in side kalisindh thermal residential colo
933716181018 18-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 INR 2596070 annual contract for routine, breakdown, capital maintenance and operation work of air compressor,
933616181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 2539677 annual contract for routine breakdown and capital maintenance work of various fans id fd and pa of
933516181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 2233122 annual contract for repair / reconditioning of various components installed at ash handling plant,
933416181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 2070000 supply of toner cartridges for various hp make printers at kstps, kota
933316181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 1900000 procurement of gi items
933216181018 18-Oct-2018 01-Nov-2018 INR 1850000 requirement of various ratings of star delta starter, dol starter and various rating of junction b
933116181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 INR 1823000 appointment of independent third party agency for the work of sampling and analysis of coal receiv
933016181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 1725465 annual contract for repair/ reconditioning of bhel and other make valves in boiler and turbine are
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