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1838116170425 25-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply and installation of frp based radiator fans
1810216170425 25-Apr-2017 15-May-2017 polyster-styrene
1810116170425 25-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 supply of the safety latch kit for chain pulley block
1810016170425 25-Apr-2017 16-May-2017 supply of drum fill & vent plug assembly (drum adopter) as per attached drawing. annexure-i
1809916170425 25-Apr-2017 18-May-2017 motor for high volume air sampler
1809816170425 25-Apr-2017 02-May-2017 bearing: skf make 7312 becbp(polymide cage )
1793116170425 25-Apr-2017 26-May-2017 supply of cooling water treatment chemicals at katpp,
1793016170425 25-Apr-2017 05-May-2017 supply of glassware & amp polytheneware at katpp,
1792916170425 25-Apr-2017 05-May-2017 supply of spare parts of 160 kva ups system at katpp,
1792816170425 25-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017 consent for hiring of vehicle on govt. of rajasthan rates and term condition
1792716170425 25-Apr-2017 15-May-2017 two year maintenance contract for routine / breakdown / forced shutdown works of 132/33 /11/0.4kv
1792616170425 25-Apr-2017 15-May-2017 two year maintenance contract for shut down and maintenance works of generators, generator power t
1792516170425 25-Apr-2017 15-May-2017 two year maintenance contract for annual shut down and routine maintenance works of turbines and t
1792416170425 25-Apr-2017 05-May-2017 post hole digger
1792316170425 25-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 providing 01 no. complete computer systems alongwith experienced and trained / skilled operator fo
1792216170425 25-Apr-2017 02-May-2017 annual maintenance contract (amc) for delair make refrigerant type air dryers (qty.- 2 no)(model-c
1792116170425 25-Apr-2017 23-May-2017 construction of godown(7200 mts.), road, electrification & repair work at state warehouse, .
1792016170425 25-Apr-2017 23-May-2017 dismentalling of multispan godown 2000 mt and construction of godown of capacity 1800 mt, road and
1791916170425 25-Apr-2017 09-May-2017 re-construction of compound wall & repair work, (mandore & basni)
1791816170425 25-Apr-2017 23-May-2017 construction of godown of capacity 5850 mt, road, electrification and renovation of compound wall
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