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1429018180920 20-Sep-2018 09-Oct-2018 Refer Document. procurement of consumables and spares for bosch packing lines multivac label printer
1428918180920 20-Sep-2018 23-Oct-2018 Refer Document. hiring of 20 skilled & unskilled labours for amc of msds, vcs etc.
1418918180920 20-Sep-2018 09-Oct-2018 Refer Document. supply of general tools for the year 2018-19 in telecom district
1418818180920 20-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 Refer Document. i t c of 63 kva e a set at gmtd office .
1411218180920 20-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Refer Document. corrigendem to construction of man way officeat ocp-ii , rg-iii area.
1411118180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Sep-2018 Refer Document. quotation for supply of medicines
1411018180920 20-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Refer Document. quotations for supppy of tyres
1410918180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Sep-2018 Refer Document. quotations for supply of printer cum scanner - copier
1410818180920 20-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Refer Document. quotations for supply of a4 size copier paper of 75 gsm
1410718180920 20-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Refer Document. quotations for supply of alluminium ladders
1391318180920 20-Sep-2018 08-Oct-2018 Refer Document. supply of various sizes of helicoil inserts and helicoil inserts inconel e.t.c
1391218180920 20-Sep-2018 09-Oct-2018 Refer Document. gas turbine piping and testing works and welding works of nozzles, shrouds, buckets, retaining rin
1391118180920 20-Sep-2018 09-Oct-2018 INR 840000 removal of garbage and engaging rikshaw to dispose the solid kitchen waste in bhel r & d, township
1391018180920 20-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 Refer Document. framework agreement for supply of flanges pertaining to various indigenous projects.
1379318180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Oct-2018 INR 25371000 auction of plot
1379218180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Oct-2018 INR 26271000 auction of plot
1294018180920 20-Sep-2018 05-Oct-2018 Refer Document. supply and installation of high performance computer cluster
1291518180920 20-Sep-2018 04-Oct-2018 Refer Document. catering, housekeeping and maintenance of guest houses
1287018180920 20-Sep-2018 23-Oct-2018 Refer Document. fabrication and supply of airframes of titanium alloy produced by casting process
1286918180920 20-Sep-2018 23-Oct-2018 Refer Document. gps-gagan-irnss receiver
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