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2248816171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 civil works involved in construction of compound wall and security room for the land alloted to mi
2248716171216 16-Dec-2017 04-Jan-2018 machining of punches for 1500t / 6000t forge presses specification and scope of work as per annexu
2221116171216 16-Dec-2017 24-Jan-2018 providing cooking arrangements for rpf barracks at kacheguda with 01 cook and 01 asst cook for a p
2219216171216 16-Dec-2017 22-Dec-2017 e tender extension 1 lt61_2017-18 supply am modulation monitor 2 nos at air and
2211316171216 16-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 supply of semi-skilled contractor s labour for maintenance of infrastructures & network at rg-iii
2211216171216 16-Dec-2017 16-Dec-2017 raising and maintenance of 1.0 lakh numbers of 5"x9" size bags, conversion and maintenance of 1.0
2211116171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 quotations of tower acs
2211016171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 quotations for supply of ralli wolf flexible shaft grinder spares
2210916171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 quotation for supply of adopter sleeves for bearings of conveyor drums, cutter drums and feeder br
2210816171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 quotations for supply of hp colour laserjet 5550n printer cartridge
2210716171216 16-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 quo0tation for supply of antiseptics and pesticides
2210616171216 16-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 quotations for repair kits for pneumatic valves of hemm
2210516171216 16-Dec-2017 19-Dec-2017 quotation for supply of antiseptics and pesticides
2210416171216 16-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of skilled labour (lab technician) at dispensary in naspur colony for the year 2017-18 & 20
2210316171216 16-Dec-2017 27-Dec-2017 construction of ground level water tank & pump shed for dust suppression near inpit crushers & con
2210216171216 16-Dec-2017 27-Dec-2017 supply,transport and stacking of fly ash solid blocks of size 300x200x150 mm with compressive stre
2178516171216 16-Dec-2017 24-Dec-2017 procurement of torque wrench calibration set 20-4000nm
2178416171216 16-Dec-2017 24-Dec-2017 procurement of dc wheel
2126816171216 16-Dec-2017 17-Jan-2018 track assy to drg no. 675-35-cd9
2126716171216 16-Dec-2017 19-Dec-2017 insert specn. 3m axkt 2003 pdtr-is 928.
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