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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1597716170117 17-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 supply of mother and child protection card
1597516170117 17-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 procurement of marbles tiles / slab (as per is- 1130 1969), chequered tiles (as per is - 13801 201
1400116170117 17-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 corrigendum- rain water harvesting reservoir at a) naldhepa cherra minor irrigation scheme under k
1356016170117 17-Jan-2017 03-Feb-2017 bagabassa to jaithang, panisagar to rubber plantation
1354316170117 17-Jan-2017 03-Feb-2017 damcherra-hamunpui to jolidhanpara
1311416170117 17-Jan-2017 21-Jan-2017 maintenance of kma road
1304816170117 17-Jan-2017 31-Jan-2017 finalization of supplier and rate to procure nine nos mini mustard oil expeller with filter press
1302316170117 17-Jan-2017 21-Jan-2017 maintenance of old nec road
1302016170117 17-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 improvement of road
1264916170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 civil work of proposed infrastructure for ippb at hpo under ne circle
1242616170117 17-Jan-2017 28-Jan-2017 for hiring vehicle
1240116170117 17-Jan-2017 16-Feb-2017 construction of pavement inside the switchyard towards east side for 54.5 m from south side cable
1209416170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 lot no: 1 pcb grp :[pre-bid emd for ero 13] lot name: brass items
50418170117 17-Jan-2017 03-Feb-2017 beautification of footpath, dev. of road and drain etc, construction of boundary wall, gate, pathw
50318170117 17-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 disposal and clearing of unserviceable electrical goods
794316170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 lot no: 3 lot name: copper item
794216170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 lot no: 2 lot name: iron items
794116170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 lot no: 1 lot name: brass items
585016170117 17-Jan-2017 01-Feb-2017 purchase of anti riot drill equipments
580716170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 designing printing and supply of different health related folders under nhm
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