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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1326316180623 23-Jun-2018 13-Jul-2018 INR 2650000 comprehensive services including internal electrification and misc works to pcda (cc) office compl
1326216180623 23-Jun-2018 11-Jul-2018 INR 2000000 term contract for artificer works for zone e and zone f area of age br ii under ge (east)
1324316180623 23-Jun-2018 04-Jul-2018 Refer Document. annual maintenance contract and supply of spares required for repair of drt
1324216180623 23-Jun-2018 06-Jul-2018 Refer Document. modification in 25 kv ohe due to linking of dfccil lines at railway station
1313816180623 23-Jun-2018 27-Jun-2018 Refer Document. ups systems for data centre at
1313716180623 23-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Refer Document. bends, laterals for esp ash evacuation system
1313616180623 23-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Refer Document. deployment of abaper
1313516180623 23-Jun-2018 27-Jun-2018 Refer Document. biennial maintenance contract for ups of chp st 2 3 and adph st 2
1313416180623 23-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Refer Document. supply of manual gear box for acw suction valve.
1313316180623 23-Jun-2018 30-Jun-2018 Refer Document. supply of insulating tape water resistant sealing material and bus bar insulating varnish
1313216180623 23-Jun-2018 30-Jun-2018 Refer Document. supply erection commissioning of vertical panel
1313116180623 23-Jun-2018 02-Jul-2018 Refer Document. maintenance contract for repair of motorola and vertex makewalkie-talkie, vhf transreceiver set, a
1313016180623 23-Jun-2018 04-Jul-2018 Refer Document. procurement of vacuum pump assy and spares
1312916180623 23-Jun-2018 05-Jul-2018 Refer Document. procurement of caf jointing sheet etc
1300416180623 23-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 INR 268920 procurement of semi conductor fuse for e and m khadia
1300316180623 23-Jun-2018 02-Jul-2018 INR 4089127 development of weigh bridge no 1 and 2 including making sampling platform and store cum office at
1300216180623 23-Jun-2018 02-Jul-2018 INR 3368699 providing cement concrete road from chilkatand reservoir to pwd road at khadia project
1300116180623 23-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 INR 100998 procurement of pins for 33/72 dragline
1300016180623 23-Jun-2018 12-Jul-2018 INR 806327 supply of grease and oil pump for 120t dumpers.
1299816180623 23-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 INR 77172 procurement of water bottle for krishnashila project.
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