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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1493616170923 23-Sep-2017 16-Oct-2017 for hiring of support/peripheral services
1493516170923 23-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 grafiting and folding work
1493416170923 23-Sep-2017 13-Oct-2017 eoi for indigenous development of furnishing of cargo compartment
1493316170923 23-Sep-2017 12-Oct-2017 for drilling, construction and pumping test of 97 nos. exploratory wells and 27 nos. observation w
1493216170923 23-Sep-2017 13-Oct-2017 rope poly prop.3 str.h/log 6 mm dia
1493116170923 23-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 polyster foil/tape ( natural)
1493016170923 23-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 sheath material polythylene hdpe(black)
1492916170923 23-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 polyamide-12(orange)
1492816170923 23-Sep-2017 10-Oct-2017 raising of boundary wall along the main gate
1492716170923 23-Sep-2017 09-Oct-2017 repair of complete vehicle ashok leyland refueller ba no-06r 7816
1492616170923 23-Sep-2017 09-Oct-2017 trade assistance for fitting of female cap on both ends universal member and roof pole along with
1492516170923 23-Sep-2017 16-Oct-2017 for pneumatic impect wrench
1492416170923 23-Sep-2017 13-Oct-2017 fabrication of smock denision
1492316170923 23-Sep-2017 30-Oct-2017 purchase of collar t-shirt
1466716170923 23-Sep-2017 16-Oct-2017 supply of air compressor
1466616170923 23-Sep-2017 03-Oct-2017 supply and fixing of retro reflective signage led srtips solar cateyes ms delineators etc includin
1466516170923 23-Sep-2017 25-Oct-2017 supply of multichannel potentiostat galvanostat system
1466416170923 23-Sep-2017 23-Oct-2017 supply of digital twist tester to rstrs
1466316170923 23-Sep-2017 16-Oct-2017 supply of computer operated optical microscope
1460116170923 23-Sep-2017 05-Oct-2017 design, engineering, supply, construction, erection, testing, commissioning and o and m of gird co
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