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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1474616171124 24-Nov-2017 21-Dec-2017 cetex tc 1200 peek as4 146 gsm 34 percentage rc 6
1473416171124 24-Nov-2017 28-Nov-2017 handling and transport contract
1473016171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 m.s. square tubes (erw)
1472116171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 supply of m.s. angle
1472016171124 24-Nov-2017 16-Dec-2017 investment castings
1471816171124 24-Nov-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of automated nucleic acid extraction centrifuge and refrigerated high speed centrifuge
1468716171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 retender notice of 294 green/dry standing/fallen trees
1464416171124 24-Nov-2017 21-Dec-2017 fabrication of radar scattering camouflage net(10mx6m)
1394016171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 supply of (1) cord elastic ring for tent extendable fly inner 2m/4m unit (2) cord elastic loop for
1393716171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 supply of fastener hook/loop (05 items)
1393616171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 provision for (1) hammer sladge double faced 2 kgs. with handle (2) hammer engineering ball pin 1
1393416171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 supply of gas diss acetylene
1393116171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 purchase of fabric nylon 1.5 oz 52gm ud rip stop 92 cms.
1393016171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 purchase of coil spring
1392316171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 procurement of pulley small prov. drg. no. adrde/172(b)
1389216171124 24-Nov-2017 07-Dec-2017 rate contract for press advertisement
1386916171124 24-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 request for expression of interest for establishment of fabrication and characterization dc and rf
1386416171124 24-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 supply of pmr-15 resin
1385316171124 24-Nov-2017 30-Nov-2017 purchase of lwi helmet and mask oxygen
1385116171124 24-Nov-2017 30-Nov-2017 rfp for procurement of boom barrier
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