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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1603516170117 17-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 expression of interest for running ganga bhawan canteen starting form 25.1.2017 for the session 20
1597416170117 17-Jan-2017 31-Jan-2017 providing consultancy services for preparation of comprehensive and bankable detailed project repo
1597316170117 17-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 helmet
1597216170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 costruction of farmers/women and youth multip-urpose training extension information centre of exce
1588416170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 supply of spare parts for air pressurization equipment parts detail as per annexure-1
1588316170117 17-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 assistance to production during operation & preventive/breakdown maintenance of 2650t forging pres
1401316170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 corrigendum- supply, installation & commissioning of dish type solar cooker at various locations i
1398816170117 17-Jan-2017 28-Jan-2017 corrigendum- for renovation up gradation operation, maintenance &transfer of chamoli small hydro p
1397916170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 corrigendum- stainless steel strip
1397516170117 17-Jan-2017 21-Jan-2017 corrigendum- portable fft analyser
1341416170117 17-Jan-2017 28-Jan-2017 replacement of a.c.s.r. bare conductor with l.t. aerial bunched cable on various lt lines includin
1341316170117 17-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 providing acb lt distribution board for 250 k.v.a., 400 k.v.a., 630 k.v.a. d.t.r. in the different
1341216170117 17-Jan-2017 28-Feb-2017 supply and fixing of lt acb distribution board with earth fault protection for dtr above 250kva
1339516170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 construction of office building for ag campus at sh covering of open spaces with lattice space fra
1338816170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 providing ei fixtures and stac units in 12 dwelling units technology innovation demonstration mode
1338516170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 renoation of 2 nos. faculty room near pine hall and deodar hall at ignfa sh- ei and fans i/c ac
1337616170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 providing ei fixtures and stac units in 12 dwelling units technology innovation demonstration mode
1275716170117 17-Jan-2017 15-Feb-2017 purchase of new 45t gantry crane along with lifting beam for barrage of nhpc, power station
1273216170117 17-Jan-2017 21-Jan-2017 arm of govt building at kathgodam for the year 2016 and 17
1272016170117 17-Jan-2017 31-Jan-2017 purchase of water cooler, desert cooler and voltage stabilizer for power station
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