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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1663618150703 03-Jul-2015 23-Jul-2015 provision of toilet for mes pu house staff provision of covered shed or recruits special repair to Share
1663218150703 03-Jul-2015 20-Jul-2015 repair replacement of joinery sanitary fitting floor tiles wall tiles cooking platform tank cb shu Share
1663118150703 03-Jul-2015 23-Jul-2015 repair maintenance of external water supply system and supply of water treatment materials under g Share
1662218150703 03-Jul-2015 15-Jul-2015 periodical service and welcome periodicals to various md accn in the area of age br-i under ge cle Share
1662018150703 03-Jul-2015 07-Jul-2015 maintenance of certain buildings and internal electrification in jcos or md accn at krc at Share
1661918150703 03-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 periodical services to certain buildings at haldwani area including ranibagh kathgodam and kamola Share
1661818150703 03-Jul-2015 23-Jul-2015 term contract for artificers works at almora Share
1660318150703 03-Jul-2015 22-Jul-2015 repair of certain buildings and cleaning of sewage lines manholes and septic tanks at nainital und Share
1659418150703 03-Jul-2015 22-Jul-2015 spl repair/replacement of ht overhead conductor to ht ug cable from gate no 3 to offrs mess at ban Share
1655818150703 03-Jul-2015 20-Jul-2015 provn of guard room with attached bathroom at mag area of jak rif and spl rep to bldg no t-58 segr Share
1653418150703 03-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 augmentation of water supply to tech site lkt from mes colex at af stn bhowali Share
1653218150703 03-Jul-2015 15-Jul-2015 special repair to parade ground of beg and centre and internal road at old location of r bty at ro Share
1629318150703 03-Jul-2015 15-Jul-2015 provn of internal road in md accn at east zone i sewage line in drill square colex no 1 trg bn and Share
1629018150703 03-Jul-2015 20-Jul-2015 cwe hills rkt 64 of 2014 2015 provn of 01x100 kva stabilizer with changeover in tech block of weu Share
1568118150703 03-Jul-2015 10-Jul-2015 maintenance of garden area attached to non-residential buildings sh-providing and displaying of in Share
1568018150703 03-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 plantation of shrubs, hedges/edges in area attached to ag road, asi, bsi and zsi sh-plantation of Share
1567918150703 03-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 plantation work in area attached to income tax office building, auditorium building sh- plantation Share
1567818150703 03-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 rmo pump set sh repairing of submersible pump and booster pump. Share
1567718150703 03-Jul-2015 10-Jul-2015 providing and displaying of indoor foliage plants inside the different office building sh-providin Share
1549718150703 03-Jul-2015 07-Jul-2015 design and development of electro-optical tracking system Share
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