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2596016160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 quotation for purchase of rearing net [late age] zsso
2595916160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 quotation for purchase of iron rearing stand,
2595816160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 quotation for purchase of late age bamboo rearing trays zsso
2595716160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 quotation for purchase of bamboo mountage zsso
2595616160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 quotation for purchase of flame gun zsso
2578516160727 27-Jul-2016 17-Aug-2016 development of bustee passage at and around 43, chawalpatty road and other different places in wd.
2578416160727 27-Jul-2016 05-Aug-2016 supply of plates and glasses should be made of pure stainless steel supply of plates and glasses
2578316160727 27-Jul-2016 02-Aug-2016 construction of cc road at ho khara soren to ssk at barabari gp jatradanga under old malda dev. bl
2578216160727 27-Jul-2016 02-Aug-2016 improvement of road by blacktop from samsi college more (high road) to samsi college at ratua i .
2578116160727 27-Jul-2016 03-Aug-2016 inside repair to thakurpukur tp guard building within the compound of cstc bus terminus at dh road
2578016160727 27-Jul-2016 22-Aug-2016 construction of masonry boundary wall on column framed structure at for bckv, under ridfxx scheme
2577916160727 27-Jul-2016 02-Aug-2016 special repair, renovation and modification to e.i work of hud including e.i work at 2nd floor g a
2577816160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 sinking of deep tubewell of 300 mm x 200 mm dia inside bhabani bhaban compound during the year 201
2577716160727 27-Jul-2016 17-Aug-2016 construction of bridge over rover raidaki at ullarkhawa, p.s. tufanganj in the district of .
2577616160727 27-Jul-2016 11-Aug-2016 convertion of surface drai n into underground sewer line at lock gate road from the xing of
2577516160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 construction_of_rcc_settling_tank_of_airp_for__wss_under_bagdah_block_under__sub_division_phe_dte.
2577416160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 construction_of_rcc_settling_tank_of_airp_for_kola_wss_under_bagdah_block_under__sub_division_phe_
2577316160727 27-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 construction_of_rcc_settling_tank_of_airp_for_dhalani_wss_under_bagdah_block_under__sub_division_p
2577216160727 27-Jul-2016 20-Aug-2016 repair and restoration of bituminous road from krishna ganjaprymary school to muraliruidas in ward
2577116160727 27-Jul-2016 12-Aug-2016 construction of anganwadi centre at different place under chapra panchayet samity area fund msdp(t
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