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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1116516181023 23-Oct-2018 02-Nov-2018 Refer Document. for electrical works at state bank of india, branch under rbo-ii, of z.o
1107216181023 23-Oct-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of security services for nts of bsmch, bankura supply of security services
1107116181023 23-Oct-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of menial staffs for nts of bsmch, bankura supply of menial staffs
1107016181023 23-Oct-2018 20-Nov-2018 INR 4827858 overhauling of id fan, coal pipe etc. of boiler nonpressure parts of unit#1. overhauling of id fan
1106916181023 23-Oct-2018 16-Nov-2018 INR 29700000 cooked diet at ss hospital cooked diet at ss hospital
1106816181023 23-Oct-2018 14-Nov-2018 INR 2654085 repair and renovation works with rear side window netting at residential block, roof treatment and
1106716181023 23-Oct-2018 07-Nov-2018 INR 7000000 procurement of polyfilm procurement of polyfilm
1106616181023 23-Oct-2018 05-Nov-2018 INR 728022 utility services for the housing block of 16 dwelling units at 60/h/10, rakhal das auddy lane, 27
1106516181023 23-Oct-2018 05-Nov-2018 INR 600000 etender(retender) for the supply of dietary and miscelleneous articles to district correctional ho
1106416181023 23-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 Refer Document. supply and installation of water purifier with iron guard and cooler at govt. polytechnic includin
1106316181023 23-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 Refer Document. labour contract extension (2nd floor ) of s.n. bose bhawan of college at , jl. no. 186 plot no 266
997016181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 1163006 drilling, jamming & fitting of roof bolts contractually at the depillaring panel c(n) 6 (top) of c
996916181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 504959 white washing along travelling roadways, haulage roadways and escape route in lower kajora (r-viii
996816181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 444809 side-stitching support of pillars from 59d to 65d in between 38l to 43l for depillaring with stowi
996716181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 1026009 advance roof bolt support of original galleries in panel-28 before starting depillaring at sonacho
996616181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 647058 advance support of roof bolts during depillaring of panel lks -15 (bottom section) at lower kajora
996516181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 276402 construction of 3 (three) nos. haulage foundation and laying & fitting of track layout for evacuat
996416181023 23-Oct-2018 13-Nov-2018 INR 1848329 construction of rcc boundary wall around coal depot near workshop under khottadih ocp.(l-280 m).
996316181023 23-Oct-2018 07-Nov-2018 INR 838350 contractual transportation jobs of iron & steel materials from sail, durgapur to kajora area store
996216181023 23-Oct-2018 07-Nov-2018 INR 434350 engagement of 01 (one) explosive van on hire basis to transport explosive and accessories from jam
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