asset based lending valuation services Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
271418180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Feb-2018 United States SEAL, METALLIC, AIRCRAFT; F100-PW-229 ACFT ENGINE
701818180222 22-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 Costa Rica SUPPLY OF COMMUNICATION RADIOS AND RADIO-BASE
1007116180222 22-Feb-2018 02-Apr-2018 Spain Promotional services
1009916180222 22-Feb-2018 10-Apr-2018 Poland Architectural design services
1010616180222 22-Feb-2018 06-Apr-2018 Poland Credit granting services
1012316180222 22-Feb-2018 27-Mar-2018 Belgium Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; railways traffic-control equipment
1021616180222 22-Feb-2018 20-Mar-2018 Finland Legal services
1058018180222 22-Feb-2018 30-Mar-2018 Australia Provision of Land Valuation Services for NSW Government Rating and Taxing
1066616180222 22-Feb-2018 03-Mar-2018 India / Himachal Pradesh Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Policy for Immovable Fixed Assets
1129716180222 22-Feb-2018 05-Mar-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Supply, installation and commissioning of gas based fire suppression system in Physical Asset Libr
1209716180222 22-Feb-2018 15-Mar-2018 Germany Workshops construction work
1210416180222 22-Feb-2018 20-Mar-2018 Germany Plumbing and drain-laying work
1230316180222 22-Feb-2018 N/A France Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
1248416180222 22-Feb-2018 04-Apr-2018 Netherlands Engineering services
1272716180222 22-Feb-2018 21-May-2018 Ireland Microsoft Services
1275816180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Mar-2018 Australia Cleaning and Maintenance of AMLR Water Management Services Assets
1279716180222 22-Feb-2018 15-Mar-2018 Taiwan, Province Of China Economic Valuation System of Meteorological Information Services Project
1302116180222 22-Feb-2018 02-May-2018 Japan Construction of Water Supplying Station
1559216180222 22-Feb-2018 12-Mar-2018 Australia Outdoor Advertising Licensees to operate existing Roads and Maritime advertising assets and potent
1565416180222 22-Feb-2018 07-Mar-2018 Australia Technology One Asset Module Advanced Build, Training and Support Services Lead with the NCA pilot

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