avia Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
311018150523 23-May-2015 11-Jun-2015 Russian Federation Providing services for the statutory annual audit of accounting (financial) statements of Grozny A Share
143116150521 21-May-2015 03-Jun-2015 Poland Case ZP 14, 2015 AVIA repair fencing at K 6031 JW. 1131 Minsk Mazowiecki Case ZP 14, 2015 Share
265218150519 19-May-2015 08-Jun-2015 Russian Federation Implementation of works on the Bulletin Burkina 1- 1- BU/EB replacement for ZBN- 1- 3 helicopters Share
297518150519 19-May-2015 26-May-2015 Russian Federation Preparation of documents for the certification of airport operations Gazprom avia Aviation Company Share
247716150508 08-May-2015 02-Jun-2015 France Rehabilitation and construction of 150 parking places and old station Share
464016150508 08-May-2015 27-May-2015 Russian Federation Providing services for the mandatory audit verification of accounting and financial (accounting) s Share
154218150423 23-Apr-2015 27-May-2015 Greece Agricultural services Share
154918150423 23-Apr-2015 28-May-2015 Greece Agricultural services Share
117218141226 26-Dec-2014 N/A Czech Republic Repair and maintenance services of motor vehicles and associated equipment Share
164116140913 13-Sep-2014 N/A Poland Electricity Share
1428918150523 23-May-2015 02-Jun-2015 United States Removal of Radar Towers Share
1447618150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 United States 15--Support, Structuralc Share
1450118150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 United States Aircraft Assembly Project Share
1451818150523 23-May-2015 22-Jun-2015 Italy BPA FOR LIQUID PROPANE GAS SUPPLY AT AVIANO AND GHEDI AIR BASES Share
1452718150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 United States CNC/MANUAL TOOL ROOM LATHE FOR FSC 3416 Share
1454518150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 United States 53--Drip Pan Assy, Aircraft Share
1454818150523 23-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 United States Purchase: Water, Closet Tank Share
1456218150523 23-May-2015 08-Jun-2015 United States KOSOVO SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE Share
1461918150523 23-May-2015 11-Jun-2015 United States Pilot/Co-Pilot Services Region 1 Share
1464518150523 23-May-2015 15-Jun-2015 United States Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems and Maritime Domain Awareness Support Share

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