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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
190051180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Sep-2018 United Arab Emirates automatic voltage regulator (avr)
320218180920 20-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 Philippines SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (I.T.) SUPPLIES-REBID
449218180920 20-Sep-2018 24-Sep-2018 Philippines PROCUREMENT OF IT SUPPLIES, ACCESSORIES & PARTS
467718180920 20-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Philippines Supply and Delivery of Executive Chair, AVR and Printer for Liga ng mga Barangay and Civil Registr
582518180920 20-Sep-2018 15-Oct-2018 Chad requirement to purchase Transformer and AVR for NEC
908818180920 20-Sep-2018 05-Oct-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA Lot No: 1 Lot Name: Equipment, Lot Desc :1)Power supply unit 28V/25A,Comrel:-Qty:-1 2)AVR 5KVA Tos
917818180920 20-Sep-2018 04-Oct-2018 India / Arunachal Pradesh Lot No: 1 Lot Name: Miscellaneous obsolete items, Lot Desc :0 05187,09394 2 NOS NE FTR HQ. ITBPF,
966118180920 20-Sep-2018 05-Oct-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA 5KVA -AVR Make- MECHO, Sr. No. 20677 1 2 5KVA-AVR Make- Mecho, Sr. NO. 20679 1 3 Digital Thomson R
1129518180920 20-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 Philippines 1unitPERSONAL COMPUTER (CPU COMPONENTS ONLY) - 7200U Processor 2.5GHz (3M Cache or higher) - Mothe
1135518180920 20-Sep-2018 19-Sep-2018 Philippines 1 Unit Desktop Computer (Server) Intel Core i7 Processor Compatible Motherboard with builtin Compa
1140418180920 20-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 Philippines Delivery Term: 15 Working Days upon receipt of P.O. Note: Supplier should have after sale repair s
1213218180920 20-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 India / WEST BENGAL PROCUREMENT OF AVR 341
552618180919 19-Sep-2018 05-Oct-2018 India / ORISSA Lot No: 1 PCB GRP :[E-Waste] Lot Name: Window AC , AVR, DEA set etc.
587516180919 19-Sep-2018 19-Oct-2018 Sweden Supporting and auxiliary transport services; travel agencies services
587816180919 19-Sep-2018 19-Oct-2018 Sweden Computer-related equipment
637816180919 19-Sep-2018 21-Sep-2018 France Am nagement of outdoor spaces, sports fields on the residence of 13 HABITAT LES LIERRES avenue du
791118180919 19-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 India / UTTAR PRADESH Lot No: 3 Lot Name: Genl Items, ETC, Lot Desc :LG WLL BTS Rack + Cards+ Converetor LG WLL BTS Rack
859116180919 19-Sep-2018 02-Oct-2018 Pakistan Supply of items:PLASTIC MIX REFRACTORY FIRE CLAY CHARGER BATTERY TYPE ECP 24/10 INPUT 230V BATTERY
886016180919 19-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 India / RAJASTHAN Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning of AVR for 500KVA Kirloskar make Generator.
147918180918 18-Sep-2018 24-Sep-2018 Philippines (Desktop Computers)

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