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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
24818180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Brazil Rental of buckets for the collection of solid waste, with a capacity of 5 cubic meters.
66817180618 18-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Sale Of Waste Iron And Wooden Scrap, Waste Empty Plastic Buckets, Waste Rubber Blanket, Waste Plas
88118180618 18-Jun-2018 06-Jul-2018 France RENT A WHEEL LOADER WITHOUT DRIVER
195518180618 18-Jun-2018 21-Jun-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Offloading work towards complete repairing/ rebuilding of 14 Nos Bucket assly of 24/96 Dragline
857718180618 18-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 India / UTTAR PRADESH Pedal dustbin stainless steel with bucket
211018180616 16-Jun-2018 22-Jun-2018 United States Rental for provide one (1) Full Size (GVWR 33,000 LBS) Utility Bucket Truck
460318180616 16-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 United States Electric Utility Bucket Truck
561916180616 16-Jun-2018 22-Jun-2018 Brazil Acquisition of Permanent Material to attend the So Lucas hospital through the Municipal Health Sec
565618180616 16-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 India / maharashtra Lot No: 38 Lot Name: scrap of stainless steel bucket, plates, Aprox wt 4.660 MT.
566718180616 16-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA Lot No: 2 Lot Name: Scrap & Un-Serviceable M.S. / G.I.
570216180616 16-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2018 Brazil Acquisition of household cleaning materials.
575316180616 16-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2018 Brazil Choice of the most advantageous proposal for the contracting of rental services of metallic statio
753618180616 16-Jun-2018 22-Jun-2018 India / Telangana Procurement of manhole key, GI Bucket (5 Ltrs), GI Bucket (11 Ltrs), Crowbars, Iron Spades with wo
760816180616 16-Jun-2018 22-Jun-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Repairing of worn-out arm barrel and bucket connecting link 02 Nos of Tata Hitachi Hyd.Excvt EX120
891818180616 16-Jun-2018 16-Jun-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Offloading work towards complete repairing/ rebuilding of 14 Nos Bucket assly of 24/96 Dragline at
1130418180616 16-Jun-2018 18-Jun-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Buckets
968618180615 15-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 India / KARNATAKA Lot No: 6 Lot Name: ALUMINIUM SCRAP
1024218180615 15-Jun-2018 03-Jul-2018 India / Rajasthan Lot No: 3 Lot Name: GT scraps Buckets
1091018180615 15-Jun-2018 19-Jun-2018 India / Telangana Cleaning of deposit silt from main sewer lines
1336818180615 15-Jun-2018 03-Jul-2018 India / Himachal Pradesh Supply of Skid Steer Loader with Grab Bucket

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