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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
10617181020 20-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 India / Maharashtra Supply Of 51 Mt Of Caustic Soda Flakes, 17 Mt Of Washing Soda And 10 Mt Of Tri Sodium Phosphate
191318181019 20-Oct-2018 22-Oct-2018 Philippines 15 gals.Cooking oil
594816181019 20-Oct-2018 23-Oct-2018 Bangladesh VARIOUS KINDS OF ITEMS (18 LINE ITEMS):1. Tape Transparent 1" 2.Tape Transparent 1.5" 3.Tape Trans
774016181019 20-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 India / Punjab Renovation and maintenance of area adjoining Sodal Mandir ahead of Sodal Mela.
783216181020 20-Oct-2018 15-Nov-2018 Malaysia SUPPLY AND DELIVER SODA ASH DENSE
789018181019 20-Oct-2018 05-Nov-2018 India / ANDHRA PRADESH SUPPLY OF CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES
811516181020 20-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR general purpose cleaners and soda ash
825818181020 20-Oct-2018 15-Nov-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA Lot No: 08 Lot Name: COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AT MUMBAI
825918181020 20-Oct-2018 15-Nov-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA Lot No: 09 Lot Name: COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AT MUMBAI
828218181019 20-Oct-2018 10-Nov-2018 India / Maharashtra POWDER SODA LIME 5 KG JAR
953418181020 20-Oct-2018 19-Nov-2018 Finland Purchase of Soda
1015516181020 20-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 India / Punjab P/L SDBC on roads near Sodal Mandir ahead of Sodal mela.
3941551181020 20-Oct-2018 02-Nov-2018 Kenya supply of shop items (sodas, tissues, water soaps, serviettes toothpicks etc)
33417181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 India / Maharashtra Supply Of Powder Type Starch & Ultramarine Blue, Soda Ash Light, Detergent Dry Powder, Bleach Solu
789818181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 India / DELHI 2 Items : Cream Fusidic Acid 10gm Cream Miconazole Oint Silver Sulphadiazine 1% Cream Tacrolimus 0
935416181018 18-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 India / TAMIL NADU for Procurement of Caustic Soda Lye 48 % (as 100 % NaOH Basis) at KGTPS.
1023816181018 18-Oct-2018 23-Oct-2018 India / HARYANA Deputation of Service Engineer of M/s IDMC Ltd. for overhauling of Plate Heat Exchangers during ca
15917181017 17-Oct-2018 22-Oct-2018 India / Haryana Supply Of Caustic Soda Flakes, Washing Soda White Powder, Formoline, Phosphoric Acid, Sugar Bag Ma
798416181017 17-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 India / Rajasthan Procurement of Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda Lye and Liquid Chlorine required for various power
897216181017 17-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 India / TAMIL NADU E-tender for the Supply of Caustic Soda Lye

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