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cenosphere Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
253718180811 13-Aug-2018 31-Aug-2018 India / uttar pradesh Lot No: 01 PCB GRP :[PRE-BID EMD FOR LKO 10] Lot Name: CENOSPHERE
317718180811 13-Aug-2018 20-Aug-2018 India / CHHATTISGARH Lot No: 1 Lot Name: Cenosphere
1375518180810 10-Aug-2018 22-Aug-2018 India / UTTAR PRADESH Lot No: 12/16 Lot Name: ALREADY COLLECTED CENOSPHERE
1707418180809 09-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Lot No: 1 Lot Name: CENOSPHERE
1875818180809 09-Aug-2018 29-Aug-2018 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Lot No: 1 PCB GRP :[PRE-BID EMD FOR HYD 30] Lot Name: Cenosphere
1611218180804 04-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Sale of cenospheres as on available bidders collection basis from the existing ash pond at 2x600 M
1200716180802 02-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Contract for Collection and Bagging of Sundried Cenosphere and subsequently transportation to STPS
1108718180731 31-Jul-2018 26-Aug-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Sale of Cenosphere including collection from existing ash ponds at STPS.

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