cloud migration Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
838018170331 31-Mar-2017 N/A United Kingdom Information technology services
1155216170520 20-May-2017 09-Jun-2017 China Redevelopment and Maintenance of Website
1406216170519 19-May-2017 27-Jun-2017 Poland Medical information systems
1371416170505 05-May-2017 05-Jun-2017 United Kingdom Transport systems consultancy services
806618170418 18-Apr-2017 30-Apr-2018 United States Army Geosaptial Center Broad Agency Announcement
738416170415 15-Apr-2017 30-Apr-2018 United States Army Geosaptial Center Broad Agency Announcement
1093416161012 12-Oct-2016 United Kingdom Educational software package
918718161001 01-Oct-2016 Ireland Computer-related management services
612116160928 28-Sep-2016 United Kingdom Information systems and servers
186518150128 28-Jan-2015 N/A Czech Republic consulting, software development, Internet and support
1568216170522 22-May-2017 19-Jun-2017 India / Madhya Pradesh Selection of Master System Integrator for providing a Cloud based Common Integrated Data Centre an
1471016170522 22-May-2017 12-Jun-2017 India / DELHI Hiring of cloud service provider
1405718170522 22-May-2017 31-May-2017 United States Camera System- Security Upgrade
1384018170522 22-May-2017 23-May-2017 Canada Provide oracle Canada ULC to enhance the existing system with oracle enterprise planning cloud.
1366818170522 22-May-2017 08-Jun-2017 United States Harbor Department Cloud Computing Services
237218170522 22-May-2017 31-May-2017 France Migration of the Security System Fire of the Ecu de France
151218170522 22-May-2017 26-Jun-2017 United States LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEMS DATABASE REDESIGN
134052170522 22-May-2017 11-Jul-2017 Belgium Technical migration, adoption and change management
82318170522 22-May-2017 25-May-2017 United States Polysomnography Diagnostic Study System
43118170522 22-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Brazil provide services of implementation, maintenance, technical support, training for end users and for

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