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Tenders For co2 wire

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
35818190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 India / Karnataka Tender For EXTINGUISHER FIRE DEFENCE CO2, 4.5 kg, duly charged, Portable
118718190115 15-Jan-2019 21-Jan-2019 Philippines Tender For Supply and Delivery of Chlorine Dioxide Stabilized Powder
524516190115 15-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Germany Tender For Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
535616190115 15-Jan-2019 18-Feb-2019 Norway Tender For Construction work
545616190115 15-Jan-2019 18-Feb-2019 Poland Tender For Medical equipments
550718190115 15-Jan-2019 28-Jan-2019 India / PUNJAB Tender For Lot No: 2123 Lot Name: Fire Ext CO2 02 Ltrs etc
599418190115 15-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For EXTINGUISHER FIRE DEFENCE CO2 22.5 Kg, Trolly Mounted Duly Charged
639516190115 15-Jan-2019 15-Feb-2019 Germany Tender For Vehicle bodies for goods vehicles
647216190115 15-Jan-2019 14-Feb-2019 Bulgaria Tender For Industrial gases
664816190115 15-Jan-2019 19-Feb-2019 Hungary Tender For Mineral water
677316190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Brazil Tender For Acquisition of Electrical and Electronic Material
678116190115 15-Jan-2019 24-Jan-2019 Brazil Tender For Possible acquisition of Real Estate Maintenance Material to meet the needs of the 40th Infantry Ba
756618190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 India / Uttar Pradesh Tender For Lot No: 9 Lot Name: DIAL VERNIER KALIPERS 0-150MM L.C. 0.01MM. FLUKE 87III PARKER VALUE FOR PCM EL
831116190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 India / MADHYA PRADESH Tender For Supply of Free Air CO2 Enrichment System
875516190115 15-Jan-2019 28-Jan-2019 India / BIHAR Tender For Procurement of Empty Hydrogen/Co2 cylinders
878916190115 15-Jan-2019 21-Jan-2019 India / DELHI Tender For RMO Wet Riser system and sprinkler system with CO2 gas system in A B C D I and D II Wings at Sena
904416190115 15-Jan-2019 21-Jan-2019 India / MAHARASHTRA Tender For SUPPLY OF ITEMS AS PER FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS "Glass fiber filters (100 pcs./Pack) of EL3020 Ura
990018190115 15-Jan-2019 07-Feb-2019 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For Scientific Equipment To determine g and velocity for freely falling body using digital timing tech
1106816190115 15-Jan-2019 04-Feb-2019 India / Haryana Tender For the supply, installation and commissioning of Fractional CO2 Laser on Rate Contract for two years
581718190114 14-Jan-2019 19-Jan-2019 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Tender For 2 Spares for Genr Set 30 KVA (Make - Kirloskar) for Jaranwali Gali (Quantity may vary at the time

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