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Tenders For data centre

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
313418190115 15-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 United States Tender For T-45 Inlet Modification for Aircraft Retrofit Kits, Lots Three (3) and Four (4)
313518190115 15-Jan-2019 16-Jan-2019 United States Tender For HC-27J Multi-Mode Radar System Program
317218190115 15-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 United States Tender For Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Contracted Emergency Residential Services (CERS) Special P
323618190115 15-Jan-2019 15-Mar-2019 United States Tender For Guardrail Common Sensor Modernization Spares
325118190115 15-Jan-2019 21-Jan-2019 United States Tender For LAMINAR FLOW IV HOODS |
493251190115 15-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Kenya Tender For provision of cleaning services at kenya airports authority headquarters, icao building, data centre
513016190115 15-Jan-2019 15-Feb-2019 France Tender For Building-cleaning services
518116190115 15-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 United Kingdom Tender For Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services
519116190115 15-Jan-2019 N/A Germany Tender For Radiation dosimeters
521616190115 15-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Spain Tender For Computer facilities management services
549316190115 15-Jan-2019 20-Feb-2019 Romania Tender For Customer Relation Management software development services
590516190115 15-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 Ukraine Tender For Design, Installation, and Implementation of Software Equipment for Primary and Secondary Data Proc
633816190115 15-Jan-2019 18-Feb-2019 Romania Tender For Network routers
636816190115 15-Jan-2019 19-Feb-2019 Germany Tender For consulting, software development, Internet and support
637416190115 15-Jan-2019 18-Feb-2019 Poland Tender For Miscellaneous software package and computer systems
667416190115 15-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Czech Republic Tender For Computer servers
725516190115 15-Jan-2019 05-Feb-2019 Morocco Tender For Purchase, installation and commissioning of sector meters, stabilizers and pressure and speed modu
738316190115 15-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 France Tender For DESIGN OF MULTIFLUX SACKBAG DELIVERY AUTOMATORS
815018190115 15-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 India / KARNATAKA Tender For Selection of Master System Integrator for Design,Supply and Implementation
889316190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 India / DELHI Tender For Hiring services related to Provision of Sanitation up keeping Security Guest house care taker Cook

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