data entry Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
38318180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States TANK,FUEL,AIRCRAFT, IN REPAIR/MODIFICATION
38418180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States ELECTRON TUBE, IN REPAIR/MODIFICATION
38518180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States DISPLAY UNIT, IN REPAIR/MODIFICATION
38718180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States COMPUTER,DIGITAL
38818180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States FAN TRAY - AND SIMILAR REPLACEMENT PARTS
38918180205 05-Feb-2018 09-Mar-2018 United States Valva Housing Assembly
39518180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States CONTACTOR,MAGNETIC
39618180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States ELECTROMECH RELAY
39818180205 05-Feb-2018 20-Mar-2018 United States PUMP,CENTRIFUGAL
39918180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States TILE,RUBBER
40018180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States SWITCH ASSEMBLY
40118180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States PIN, SHEAR
40418180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States TRANSDUCER,MOTIONAL
40518180205 05-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 United States BEARING,TURN GEAR
40918180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States PUMP,CHEM W-SUBASY
41018180205 05-Feb-2018 21-Mar-2018 United States KIT,SEAL FACE REPLM
170052180205 05-Feb-2018 19-Mar-2018 Russian Federation Supply and Installation of Satellite Data Receiving Systems
177052180205 05-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 Belarus Consultant services on Development of Methods for Quantitative Assessment of Tax Privileges and Eva
225618180205 05-Feb-2018 23-Feb-2018 India / Gujarat Lot No: 7 Lot Name: ESAB Plate cutting - Oxy/plasma
248052180205 05-Feb-2018 23-Feb-2018 Canada Municipal Censes Coordinator

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