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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
264051180716 16-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2018 Thailand research on the gender dynamics of trafficking in the greater mekong subregion
350052180716 16-Jul-2018 27-Jul-2018 United Kingdom Bespoke CRM System Build and Integration
533316180714 16-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2018 Czech Republic Enterprise resource planning software package
539118180714 16-Jul-2018 29-Aug-2018 United States PANEL, STRUCTURAL; AIRCRAFT, STRATOLIFTER C/KC-135
544318180716 16-Jul-2018 24-Aug-2018 India / JHARKHAND Replacement of Electrics of Drives Its Regulation of HDGL, CRM I II of BSL on Turnkey Basis
555016180714 16-Jul-2018 28-Aug-2018 Netherlands Software package and information systems
567916180716 16-Jul-2018 09-Aug-2018 Morocco March 1/2018 relative works drinking water supply douars: feryat, missikha 2; cooperative mohammed
773016180714 16-Jul-2018 26-Jul-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Construction of Cement Concrete lining work in Vulnerable reaches of 4L,4LA,16L,9R/5L,11R/5L,13L/5
946118180714 16-Jul-2018 19-Jul-2018 India / Tamil Nadu EOI for Empanelment agency for IBS solution (Mobile coverage).
1156118180714 16-Jul-2018 17-Jul-2018 India / Andhra Pradesh CRM-93H (AC/DC 12-240 volt) earth fault detecting sensor of M/s. ELKO make, HSB/SAC code no. 91308
1176216180716 16-Jul-2018 18-Jul-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh CARTAGE OF BULK BITUMEN i.e VG_10 VG_30 AND CRMB-55 TEC. FROM PANIPAT REFINERY TO CENTRAL STORE CD
1176316180716 16-Jul-2018 18-Jul-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh CARTAGE OF BULK BITUMEN VG _10 VG_30 AND CRMB_55 FROM MATHURA REFINARY TO CENTRAL STORE
1256816180716 16-Jul-2018 21-Jul-2018 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Capital repairs/major repairs in CRMP
623816180713 13-Jul-2018 02-Aug-2018 Morocco development of the crossing of the Mezguitam center (public lighting lot) in the municipality of M
624716180713 13-Jul-2018 02-Aug-2018 Morocco development work on crossing the Mezguitam center (lot: roadworks - sidewalk)
625716180713 13-Jul-2018 03-Aug-2018 Morocco Extension of the electricity network to the douars of the Commune M NABHA
821716180713 13-Jul-2018 30-Jul-2018 United Kingdom Information Repository on Companies and Charities
1089318180713 13-Jul-2018 21-Jul-2018 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Capital repairs
1117916180713 13-Jul-2018 25-Jul-2018 India / West Bengal CALIBRATION STANDARD GAS, CRM OF BITUMEN AND CHEMICALS
1396716180713 13-Jul-2018 24-Jul-2018 India / ANDHRA PRADESH OT -Electrical maintenance of shaft kiln equipments in CRMP

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