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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
49817181215 15-Dec-2018 21-Dec-2018 India / West Bengal Electrical Installation Work Including Sh:- Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning Of Sir Co
49918181215 15-Dec-2018 22-Jan-2019 Lithuania Diagnostic ultrasound devices
378618181215 15-Dec-2018 30-Jan-2019 United Kingdom Replacement and Enhancement of Fire Detection Equipment & Sounders
720218181215 15-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 India / Haryana supply, installation and commissioning of Portable Color Doppler Echocardiography System on Rate C
1037918181215 15-Dec-2018 29-Dec-2018 India / Tamil nadu Auction of Plot
118051181214 14-Dec-2018 19-Dec-2018 Turkey consultancy service for the external evaluation of echo project
570518181214 14-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 India / Kerala Supply of Echocardiography Machine with additional Adult Tee Probe under buy back scheme of Wipro
578918181214 14-Dec-2018 31-Dec-2018 India / Rajasthan Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine with 2 D Echo ( 3 Probes)
580918181214 14-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 India / Rajasthan Portable ECHO Machine with adult and paediatric TEE Probe
698618181214 14-Dec-2018 26-Dec-2018 India / Himachal Pradesh Machinery and Equipment
745618181214 14-Dec-2018 24-Dec-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Echo Cardiography (ScheduleII) Echo Cardiography (ScheduleII)
981918181214 14-Dec-2018 30-Jan-2019 Italy Endoscopy, endosurgery devices
994918181214 14-Dec-2018 25-Feb-2019 Belgium Echo, ultrasound and doppler imaging equipment
1600418181214 14-Dec-2018 21-Dec-2018 India / TAMIL NADU 1. High End Echo Cardiography Machine
1680518181214 14-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 India / RAJASTHAN Portable ECHO Machine with adult and paediatric TEE Probe
1686618181214 14-Dec-2018 29-Dec-2018 India / RAJASTHAN Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine with 2 D Echo
1695018181214 14-Dec-2018 26-Dec-2018 India / RAJASTHAN Ponabh EcHo Machine
952518181213 13-Dec-2018 31-Dec-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Spirometer, 2 Echocardiography machine 3 , 12 lead holter , 4 EMG and nerve conduction velocity ma
1332918181213 13-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 India / KARNATAKA Microcontroller based ultrasonic thickness gauge with LCD type 4 digit display working on PULSE -
1694318181213 13-Dec-2018 19-Dec-2018 India / TAMIL NADU Single Beam Echo Sounder with In-built DGPS

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