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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
173318180816 16-Aug-2018 24-Sep-2018 Poland Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
175518180816 16-Aug-2018 10-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Medical equipments
175618180816 16-Aug-2018 13-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Construction work
176618180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Construction work
177318180816 16-Aug-2018 18-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Building construction work
177818180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Construction work
177918180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Furniture
178018180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Sep-2018 Bulgaria Furniture
178052180816 16-Aug-2018 29-Aug-2018 Bosnia And Herzegovina installation of new protected cables and substations and new smart meters
179618180816 16-Aug-2018 03-Sep-2018 Hungary Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products
180018180816 16-Aug-2018 N/A Hungary Software development services
180518180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Sep-2018 Hungary Medical equipments
520052180816 16-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 South Africa Double door fridge
551816180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Sep-2018 United Kingdom Construction work
553716180816 16-Aug-2018 N/A United Kingdom Health and social work services
570616180816 16-Aug-2018 13-Sep-2018 Germany Electricity
582116180816 16-Aug-2018 29-Aug-2018 Poland Medical equipments
606616180816 16-Aug-2018 19-Sep-2018 Canada Best available technologies / best environmental practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
751818180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 United States Pest Control Services PVAHCS
756318180816 16-Aug-2018 21-Aug-2018 United States Mobile Occupational Health Medical Services for Respiratory Fit Testing and Hearing Conservation

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