fire fighting tamilnadu Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
687116170117 17-Jan-2017 13-Feb-2017 Russian Federation maintenance and preventative maintenance of automatic fire-fighting systems.
806116170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 India / Gujarat Providing & Fixing of Fire Fighting, HVAC System & Area Development Work
852016170117 17-Jan-2017 06-Feb-2017 India / west bengal Supplying & Laying of Fire Fighting line inside Ishapore.
274151170117 17-Jan-2017 19-Feb-2017 Qatar maintenance of fire fighting and fire alarm systems
254618170117 17-Jan-2017 28-Jan-2017 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR SUPPLY OF ORD ITEMS- Solder Soft Grade-B, Cotton Waste White, Dubbin Protective, Boxes Fibre Board
586052170117 17-Jan-2017 18-Jan-2017 India / TAMIL NADU Supply and Commissioning of Truck Fire Fighting Large MK-VI (Qty-01 No.)
1099416170117 17-Jan-2017 14-Feb-2017 France Underground railway works
1101916170117 17-Jan-2017 16-Feb-2017 France Protective gear
1107316170117 17-Jan-2017 13-Mar-2017 Austria Fire engines
1168316170117 17-Jan-2017 18-Jan-2017 India / MADHYA PRADESH Supply of Spares for Fire Engine
1318716170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 India / Maharashtra ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM and OFFSITE PUMPS
1329816170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 India / DELHI ARMO Electrical Sub-station D.G. Set Compound Lighting Electrical Installation Lift Fire Fighting
1334216170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 India / DELHI RMO electrical installation electric sub station DG set water supply pump set and fire fighting sy
1335916170117 17-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 India / TAMIL NADU Construction of Holiday Home for Central Govt Employees
1339816170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 India / UTTAR PRADESH Maintenance and Operation of Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System ACSU, 81 Flt., 131 Flt., 2233
1340416170117 17-Jan-2017 21-Jan-2017 India / MAHARASHTRA MOEI and fans, RMO water supply pump sets, DG sets, fire alarm system, fire fighting system, compo
1407616170117 17-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 India / MADHYA PRADESH Procurement of High Pressure Fire Fighting Hose- ISI Mark
1415916170117 17-Jan-2017 07-Feb-2017 India / JHARKHAND Procurement of fire fighting hoses and accessories under Piparwar Project
1482616170117 17-Jan-2017 15-Feb-2017 India / ORISSA Outsourcing of services for operation and maint of EM installations, water supply, fire fighting (
1491816170117 17-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 India / Delhi 1. RMO A.C. equipments, Lift, CCTV, Substation, DG Sets, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting System, LAN, EP

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