gmc Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
105716151006 06-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 United States Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon Share
924116151006 06-Oct-2015 16-Nov-2015 India / UTTAR PRADESH Upkeep of crew lobby at GMC including line box transportation, provision of road vehicle and devel Share
506718151005 05-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Fully Automated Eliza Reader & Washer Share
112551151005 05-Oct-2015 03-Nov-2015 Bangladesh supply of gmcs strip, size 3.1 Share
140218151003 03-Oct-2015 29-Oct-2015 Pakistan Construction of guard room Share
628818151003 03-Oct-2015 08-Oct-2015 United States Purchase of Chevrolet and GMC Automotive and Light Truck OEM Parts Share
232052151001 01-Oct-2015 13-Oct-2015 India / GOA Major Maintenance Work of College Share
57618151001 01-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 Canada GMC Top Kick Dump Truck for Sale Share
55718151001 01-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 Canada GMC 4x4 Truck For Sale Share
826716151001 01-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Supply and delivery of Lime Powder & Bleaching Powder Share
826516151001 01-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Supply and delivery of Conservancy Articals required Share
471718150930 30-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Lithotripsy Machine Share
471618150930 30-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Lux Stability Programme Based LED OT Share
1156716150930 30-Sep-2015 09-Oct-2015 India / Jharkhand Construction of Drain from Main Road Show Room Share
643616150930 30-Sep-2015 29-Oct-2015 United Kingdom consulting, software development, Internet and support Share
488218150929 29-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra PUVA/UVA/NBUVB Share
487818150929 29-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Laproscopy Surgical Stimulator Share
487718150929 29-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Cystourethroscope & Resectoscope Adult Share
487418150929 29-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra Diode Laser Hair Reduction Share
487018150929 29-Sep-2015 14-Oct-2015 India / Maharashtra OT Ceiling Shadowless Share

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