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housekeeping material supply Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
15518180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Brazil PREGO ELETRNICO, type MINOR PRICE PER ITEM, for Acquisition of CLEANING MATERIALS, are justified b
22117180618 18-Jun-2018 21-Jun-2018 India / Jammu & Kashmir Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Different Electrical Material Items And Accesso
23018180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Brazil Possible acquisition of Consumer Materials: sports education, tools, pharmacological, dossier, pac
23618180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Brazil Registration of prices for the acquisition of cleaning materials for the Office of the Navy Comman
28618180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 Brazil Acquisition of Hygiene and Cleaning Material to meet the demands of the State Institute for the De
39417180618 18-Jun-2018 11-Jul-2018 India / Andhra Pradesh Providing Of Housekeeping Service By Supplying Manpower On Outsourcing Basis And Also Housekeeping
39618180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Brazil Registration of Prices for future and possible purchases of Consumable Cleaning General Material,
39818180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Brazil Registration of Prices for future and eventual acquisitions of Consumable Cleaning Material (Misce
41618180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Brazil Registration of prices for acquisition of PVC materials (adapter, cap, glove, lubricating paste, c
43618180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Brazil Acquisition of veterinary drugs, hospital materials, cleaning materials and hygiene products, safe
44318180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Brazil Contracting, under a contractual regime for a global price, of a specialized company for the provi
49818180618 18-Jun-2018 02-Jul-2018 Brazil Hiring of a legal entity specializing in the provision of continuous Cleaning, Harnessing and Cons
53318180618 18-Jun-2018 05-Jul-2018 Brazil Registration of prices for possible and future acquisition of consumables (expedient and cleaning
61518180618 18-Jun-2018 10-Jul-2018 Israel Supply of cleaning materials and toilet paper
233818180618 18-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 India / West bengal Empanelment of suppliers of Office Stationery Articles, Cleaning Materials and Printers & Binders
273918180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 United States Remove and replace existing damaged curtain wall, clean the site and dispose of the existing mater
286118180618 18-Jun-2018 26-Jul-2018 Canada REMEDIAL SERVICES
343118180618 18-Jun-2018 17-Jul-2018 United States BNIA Demolition of 66 Road
409052180618 18-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 India / MADHYA PRADESH Regional Mudaranalay Complex, writing materials and publications repository, cleaning , collecting
560918180618 18-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 India / Delhi AR and MO various roads under Division SWR-II during 2018-19 SH Providing and Supply of materials

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