hvac tender Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
497416150904 04-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 Czech Republic Restoration work Share
950616150904 04-Sep-2015 16-Sep-2015 India / Orissa HVAC System for NALCO Research and Technology Centre Share
26818150904 04-Sep-2015 22-Sep-2015 United States Renovate Community/Conference Building 484, Share
27818150904 04-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 United States Standard Floorplan Design Share
29518150904 04-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 United States Expand Building 700 HVAC Share
34218150904 04-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 United States Air Conditioner replacement Share
38418150904 04-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 United States Renovate Nosedock 4 (FAC 435) Grissom ARB, IN Share
83618150904 04-Sep-2015 10-Sep-2015 United States HVAC Custom Fabrication Share
117418150904 04-Sep-2015 08-Sep-2015 United States Repair/Replace HVAC, Building 100, Arnold Site Share
130518150904 04-Sep-2015 08-Sep-2015 United States Repair of Bldg 1/1A Share
133818150904 04-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 United States RFO for HVAC Mechanical System Maintenance Services at FAA Air Traffic Control Tower, and Base Bui Share
136818150904 04-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 United States HVAC Service and Repair Share
142318150904 04-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 United States HVAC Tools Share
186418150904 04-Sep-2015 15-Sep-2015 Brazil Leasing of environmental HVAC equipment Share
189118150904 04-Sep-2015 16-Sep-2015 Brazil Maintenance of the air conditioning central system Share
214718150904 04-Sep-2015 07-Sep-2015 Paraguay Acquisition of vehicle spare parts and HVAC Share
810618150904 04-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 India / CHANDIGARH for the purchase of Fuse HVAC Share
812218150904 04-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 India / CHANDIGARH for the purchase of Heating Module HVAC Share
812318150904 04-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 India / CHANDIGARH for the purchase of Alternator Assy HVAC Share
399052150904 04-Sep-2015 15-Oct-2015 United States HVAC UPGRADES Share

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