hvac tender Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
180018180420 20-Apr-2018 24-May-2018 United States Replace HVAC System Dormitory Wing A
183918180420 20-Apr-2018 14-Jun-2018 United States Replace Air Handling Unit (HVAC) with Roof Top Unit (RTU)
195018180420 20-Apr-2018 04-May-2018 France Works for the replacement of an accelerator
195218180420 20-Apr-2018 04-May-2018 France Compliance of the ventilation of the rooms of Iratherapie-LOT single: HVAC Heating Ventilation Air
198218180420 20-Apr-2018 14-May-2018 France Thermal Investigation Services RT 2012 / HVAC / Fluid / Sanitary Plumbing / High Level Feedstock f
208118180420 20-Apr-2018 28-May-2018 France Scheduling Services Planning and Coordination (OPC) and Synthesis within the project on the CEA Ca
251051180420 20-Apr-2018 10-May-2018 Sri Lanka supply of medical equipment
268918180420 20-Apr-2018 20-Apr-2018 Kazakhstan Services on repair and maintenance of equipment for refrigeration and ventilation industrial non-d
429052180420 20-Apr-2018 25-Apr-2018 United States WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS & SERVICES FOR HVAC SYSTEMS
664518180420 20-Apr-2018 04-May-2018 India / Maharashtra Supply and Installation of HVAC System for Indoor Hall and Shooting Range Building
981618180420 20-Apr-2018 01-May-2018 United States Northside Health Center Renovation Project
997418180420 20-Apr-2018 23-May-2018 United States HVAC Preventive Maintenance Services
1003018180420 20-Apr-2018 03-May-2018 United States Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Mechanical and Building Automation Services (BAS
1061318180420 20-Apr-2018 09-May-2018 Canada HVAC Cleaning
1064118180420 20-Apr-2018 09-May-2018 United States HVAC Chiller Replacement
1074118180420 20-Apr-2018 07-May-2018 Canada Springbank Middle Mechanical Upgrades
1076418180420 20-Apr-2018 07-May-2018 United States HVAC
1095418180420 20-Apr-2018 02-May-2018 United States Replacement of HVAC Systems
1095418180420 20-Apr-2018 02-May-2018 United States Replacement of HVAC Systems
1130518180420 20-Apr-2018 24-Apr-2018 Canada Hall Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation and Electrical Modernization

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