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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
415418180525 25-May-2018 04-Jun-2018 Philippines Repair of Roof Leaks at DPITC 3rd Floor
583816180525 25-May-2018 26-May-2018 India / Tamil Nadu URGENT REPAIRS TO ROOF LEAKAGES IN AC SHEET GODOWN
601818180525 25-May-2018 10-Jun-2018 Bangladesh Stopping of water leaking from roof of Paper Store and Machine Section of BG Press
602118180525 25-May-2018 10-Jun-2018 Bangladesh Stopping of water leaking from roof of Composite Gazette Section of BG Press
1197716180525 25-May-2018 25-Jun-2018 India / Assam (A) Repairing and strengthening of and New colony under jurisdiction of SSE/W/WEST/PNO. (C) Repair
1199116180525 25-May-2018 26-Jun-2018 India / DELHI Repair to leaky roofs of various service buildings at ANVT & NDLS stations in the section of SSE/W
462918180524 24-May-2018 28-May-2018 Philippines Straight contract for the supply of labor and materials for the repair of roof leaks and re-painti
508116180524 24-May-2018 02-Jul-2018 Germany Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
1697018180523 23-May-2018 29-Jun-2018 India / West Bengal Thorough renovation of leaky roof, sanitary system, septic tank, door and window, floor and draina
70317180518 18-May-2018 15-Jun-2018 India / Maharashtra A Repair To Pwi East And Pwi Office And Gang Hut Including Boundary Wall Under Aden Wks B Repairs
102617180517 17-May-2018 15-Jun-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Heavy Repair To Leaky Roof With Proof Treatment In The Section Of Sse, W, Blm
1133816180517 17-May-2018 20-Jun-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Repair to leaky roof of DRH
251518180515 15-May-2018 15-Jun-2018 India / Maharashtra Repairs to PWI (East) & PWI (West) office and Gang hut including boundary wall at Kalyan under ADE
890318180512 14-May-2018 22-Jun-2018 India / west bengal Repairs of perforated CI Sheet roofing of C/Ward and `B` shed under Sr.MM/D, ii)Repairs of damaged
890518180512 14-May-2018 15-Jun-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Heavy Repair to leaky roof with water proof treatment
19117180508 08-May-2018 04-Jun-2018 India / Assam Treatment Of Leaky Roofs And Repairs To Staff Qrs, Fencing, Pathways, Drainage System And Other Re
59317180507 07-May-2018 08-Jun-2018 India / West Bengal Repairs To Damaged Leaky Roof Masonry Tank Rw Pipe At Different Staff Quarters, Repairs And Renova
1194818180503 03-May-2018 30-May-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Provision of Heavy repairs of Leaky Roof in staff quarters, colony road surface and drainage under
785116180502 02-May-2018 28-May-2018 India / Madhya Pradesh Providing gutter and rain water pipes for rain water from CGI sheet roofing over 25 mtr de-areator
802218180502 02-May-2018 29-May-2018 Germany faade refurbishment, Wuppertal

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