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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
25618180816 16-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Spain Forest pest control services
51918180816 16-Aug-2018 04-Sep-2018 Israel Supply of pest control services
179518180816 16-Aug-2018 31-Aug-2018 Hungary Cycle path construction work
250918180816 16-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Philippines 1.2 PEST / ANAY TREATMENT
285851180816 16-Aug-2018 04-Sep-2018 Kenya provision of fumigation and pest control services
598916180816 16-Aug-2018 12-Sep-2018 United States Commercial Pest Control Service
600218180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 Philippines Procurement of Pest Control Services for CY 2018-2019
661018180816 16-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 Philippines Procurement of Pest Control at Passenger Terminal Building
690218180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 Philippines Provision of Pest-Control Services
723418180816 16-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 Philippines Agricultural Supplies for the Bio-Pesticide Lab under the Cereals Enhancement Project
751818180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 United States Pest Control Services PVAHCS
757052180816 16-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 India / MAHARASHTRA PEST CONTROL MANAGEMENT AT CANTEEN
762618180816 16-Aug-2018 20-Aug-2018 United States Nitrite Residue Analytical Method Independent Laboratory Validation (ILV).
764418180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 United States Pest Control Services
786218180816 16-Aug-2018 17-Sep-2018 United States Carnauba Wax
802518180816 16-Aug-2018 22-Aug-2018 United States OCIO Support Operation and Maintenance
916418180816 16-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 United States NIST Boulder Pest Control
987618180816 16-Aug-2018 27-Aug-2018 United States Seed X-ray Machine
1032218180816 16-Aug-2018 22-Aug-2018 United States RFP - Term Contract for Pest Control Services
1075918180816 16-Aug-2018 06-Sep-2018 United States Pest Control

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