rinl Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
702018150418 18-Apr-2015 25-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Power wiring, lighting, earthing etc for LP bay of structural shop tenders
911318150417 17-Apr-2015 07-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Material Handling, Erection and Commissioning works for Mechanical Package of Turbo blower station tenders
911418150417 17-Apr-2015 07-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Modification and Maintenance of 11 KV OH lines, Substations etc expansion area tenders
454718150411 11-Apr-2015 06-May-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH FOR PROCUREMENT OF IRON ORE FINES AND LUMPS tenders
556818150410 10-Apr-2015 02-May-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Services for implementation of Income tax Law Compliant Tax Exempt meal card system tenders
641818150408 08-Apr-2015 02-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh IMPLEMENTATION OF INCOME TAX LAW COMPLIANT TAX-EXEMPT MEAL CARD SYSTEM tenders
47216150407 07-Apr-2015 21-Apr-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Augmentatation of Raw material Preparation area for revamping and upgradation of SM-1 and 2 in VSP tenders
662118150404 04-Apr-2015 01-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Electric monorail hoists for Billet storage yard tenders
662218150404 04-Apr-2015 30-Apr-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh underground pipeline for disposal of Effluent tenders
1534618150401 01-Apr-2015 30-Apr-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Power distribution system tenders
1247818150321 21-Mar-2015 29-Apr-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Main Receiving station for forged wheel plant tenders
1248018150321 21-Mar-2015 01-May-2015 India / Andhra Pradesh Upgradation of power wiring and lighting in canteens tenders
938018150311 11-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Solar Photovoltaic Power plant tenders

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