safe Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
98117160928 28-Sep-2016 26-Oct-2016 India / West Bengal Supply, Fabrication And Installation And Commissioning Of Water Arms With Kiosk For Providing Safe
560116160928 28-Sep-2016 04-Oct-2016 Russian Federation Installation of outdoor video surveillance system at the facility to connect to the technological
599116160928 28-Sep-2016 11-Oct-2016 Netherlands Construction work
613016160928 28-Sep-2016 26-Oct-2016 Poland Medical consumables
613716160928 28-Sep-2016 28-Oct-2016 Poland Medical kits
629816160928 28-Sep-2016 27-Oct-2016 United Kingdom Foreign economic-aid-related services
643916160928 28-Sep-2016 02-Nov-2016 Czech Republic Fuses
652216160928 28-Sep-2016 03-Oct-2016 Russian Federation Supply metal safes
698216160928 28-Sep-2016 04-Oct-2016 Russian Federation Supply of safes and metal cases for storage and transportation of narcotic drugs
981216160928 28-Sep-2016 13-Oct-2016 Japan Transportation of Tactical Vehicles and Other Freight for Camp Fuji
987516160928 28-Sep-2016 07-Oct-2016 United States EXECUTIVE CONSULTING & TECHNICAL WRITING
1002916160928 28-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 United States RBPO Course - Communication Equipment-LI 001: RADIO Motorola CP200D 4 Channel UHF Radio; Digital (
34418160928 28-Sep-2016 07-Oct-2016 Canada For Human Services Specialized Assessment and Consultation with Health Professionals
34818160928 28-Sep-2016 07-Oct-2016 Canada For Human Services Disability Services
34918160928 28-Sep-2016 07-Oct-2016 Canada For Human Services Transportation
37918160928 28-Sep-2016 01-Nov-2016 Canada Core Area Government Sites
50718160928 28-Sep-2016 24-Oct-2016 United States Design Competition for an Iconic LGBT Crosswalk
52118160928 28-Sep-2016 21-Oct-2016 Canada For CCTV IP Camera Replacement
81918160928 28-Sep-2016 03-Oct-2016 United States Construction of Sidewalks and Pedestrian Ramps
144618160928 28-Sep-2016 05-Oct-2016 United States construction a safe room to withstand 200 mph winds.

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