sbi premises Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
235052160824 24-Aug-2016 09-Sep-2016 India / UTTARANCHAL ACQUISITION OF PREMISES ON LEASE
2499616160820 20-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2016 India / UTTARANCHAL Performing work of cleaning of Barrage and Silt Ejector premises, running and maintenance of water
2217516160829 29-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 India / GUJARAT CYLINDER HEAD TO LINER GASKET. AS PER SBI DRG. NO. SBI/DL/M/504.
2184916160829 29-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 India / GUJARAT DUMMY PLUG. AS PER SABARMATI DRG. NO. SBI/DL/M/521
2184816160829 29-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 India / GUJARAT ELBOW AS PER SABARMATI DRG. NO. SBI/DL/M/520
2143416160829 29-Aug-2016 27-Sep-2016 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Purchase of contactors and timers for maintenance of control and protection
2143016160829 29-Aug-2016 19-Sep-2016 India / ASSAM Supply and Installation of Additional Component of Access Control System of Souls make
2142916160829 29-Aug-2016 16-Sep-2016 India / SIKKIM Replacing of CGI sheet, modifying smart class room and repairing, painting of Jr. section of DAV s
2142616160829 29-Aug-2016 15-Sep-2016 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Painting of Hydro Mechanical Components of Power Station
2142516160829 29-Aug-2016 21-Sep-2016 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH Providing and laying HPC Rock anchors and Epoxy treatment on the eroded portion of Spillway glacis
2142316160829 29-Aug-2016 20-Sep-2016 India / WEST BENGAL Purchase of Laptops for Office
2142216160829 29-Aug-2016 26-Sep-2016 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH Post monsoon Re drilling and washing of drainage holes inside Power House
2142116160829 29-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2016 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH Purchase of HP make Printers
2138716160829 29-Aug-2016 10-Sep-2016 India / ASSAM Procurement of PBS Roll
2138516160829 29-Aug-2016 09-Sep-2016 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH Procurement of MTA Stores for delivery at karcham,kinnaur dist,HP State
2138416160829 29-Aug-2016 06-Oct-2016 India / TRIPURA Procurement of PBS Roll Water Proof
2137816160829 29-Aug-2016 08-Sep-2016 India / ASSAM Procurement of Punch Tape Concertina Coil
2136016160829 29-Aug-2016 17-Sep-2016 India / West Bengal Repairing and Renovation of Administrative Building of LO-Kolkata.
2133616160829 29-Aug-2016 15-Sep-2016 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Construction of Stone Masonry Work in front of Power House

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