school books Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
549016151005 05-Oct-2015 17-Nov-2015 Netherlands School books Share
416716151001 01-Oct-2015 05-Nov-2015 France Library books Share
414416151001 01-Oct-2015 05-Nov-2015 France Printed matter and related products Share
335318151001 01-Oct-2015 05-Nov-2015 France Acquisition of non-school books and multimedia documents with various services Share
687616150930 30-Sep-2015 11-Nov-2015 Netherlands School books Share
277216150928 28-Sep-2015 09-Nov-2015 Netherlands School books Share
277516150928 28-Sep-2015 09-Nov-2015 Netherlands School books Share
484516150923 23-Sep-2015 02-Nov-2015 Netherlands School books Share
459516150922 22-Sep-2015 15-Sep-2017 Turkey A4 FILE BAG (100 pcs), Wire Remover, ballpoint pens (blue), plastic ring binders, PAPER DRILLING M Share
251818150922 22-Sep-2015 22-Oct-2015 France Acquisition of documents, non-school books, audio CD and DVD video libraries Share
368816150916 16-Sep-2015 05-Nov-2015 France Library books Share
369116150916 16-Sep-2015 10-Nov-2015 France Library books Share
383516150915 15-Sep-2015 05-Nov-2015 France Supply of non-school books Share
383616150915 15-Sep-2015 10-Nov-2015 France Provision of non-school books Share
546016150910 10-Sep-2015 19-Oct-2015 Norway School books Share
432218150907 07-Sep-2015 12-Oct-2015 France Library books Share
383718150903 03-Sep-2015 13-Oct-2015 Netherlands School books Share
49218150319 19-Mar-2015 Germany School books Share
57618140829 29-Aug-2014 N/A Netherlands School books Share
43218140820 20-Aug-2014 N/A Belgium School books Share

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