school books Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1143516170112 12-Jan-2017 10-Feb-2017 France Teaching supplies
1169916170112 12-Jan-2017 24-Feb-2017 Belgium School books
26617170111 11-Jan-2017 21-Feb-2017 Germany School books
454718170110 10-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 Philippines Procurement of Library Reference Books for the Different Colleges and Satellite Campuses (Rebiddin
531316170102 02-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 France Library books
77618161230 30-Dec-2016 17-Jan-2017 Estonia Food Service Office School Book Hiiumaa
1214816161230 30-Dec-2016 20-Feb-2017 France Printed books
553116161226 26-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 Germany School books
1363816161224 24-Dec-2016 31-Jan-2017 France Teaching supplies
790216161224 24-Dec-2016 Sweden School books
548616161224 24-Dec-2016 26-Jan-2017 France Teaching supplies
1715416161223 23-Dec-2016 06-Feb-2017 Belgium School books
1636316161223 23-Dec-2016 03-Feb-2017 Germany School books
1649616161223 23-Dec-2016 09-Feb-2017 Netherlands School books
1486816161221 21-Dec-2016 15-Feb-2017 Norway School books
1223616161208 08-Dec-2016 19-Jan-2017 Netherlands School books
1265216161208 08-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 Belgium School books
1515116161207 07-Dec-2016 23-Jan-2017 Netherlands School books
578216161206 06-Dec-2016 20-Jan-2017 Netherlands School books
578316161206 06-Dec-2016 20-Jan-2017 Netherlands School books

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