smart metering Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1065718160204 04-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 Austria Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
31116160206 06-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 United States Laptops
681616160205 05-Feb-2016 24-Feb-2016 Pakistan Procurement of AMR Smart Meters
31117160204 04-Feb-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / Karnataka Tenders For Implementation Of Pre-Paid Energy Meters Using Smart Card Technology For Temporary Ins
787216160202 02-Feb-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / KARNATAKA Implementation of Pre-paid Energy Meters using Smart Card Technology for temporary installations
95417160202 02-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 India / Delhi Unified Communication Network For Advanced Metering Infrastructure And Other Smart Grid Applicatio
400716160127 27-Jan-2016 15-Feb-2016 India / KARNATAKA Procurement of Connecting screwdrivers Screw driver set (set of 5) Soldring iron Digital multimete
57718160125 25-Jan-2016 07-Mar-2016 Uruguay Leasing operating system smart meters for AMI
557916160125 25-Jan-2016 06-Feb-2016 India / TELANGANA Procurement of Single Phase (5-30)A Smart Prepaid Meters
557816160125 25-Jan-2016 06-Feb-2016 India / TELANGANA Procurement of Three Phase (10-60)A Smart Prepaid Energy Meters
930918160123 23-Jan-2016 19-Feb-2016 Germany Electrical installation work
898118160123 23-Jan-2016 07-Mar-2016 Uruguay Leasing operating system smart meters for AMI
166052160122 22-Jan-2016 07-Mar-2016 Samoa Power Sector Expansion Project ,REBID- DESIGN, SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF SMART METERS AND OPERATIN
405018160118 18-Jan-2016 24-Feb-2016 Romania Execution of smart meter installation to clients in low voltage electrical installations.
13018160118 18-Jan-2016 24-Feb-2016 Romania Execution of customer smart meter installation in low voltage electrical installations
110052160116 16-Jan-2016 14-Feb-2016 United States Philippines - CEPALCO Scaled Implementation of AMI Pilot Project Feasibility Study
935018160116 16-Jan-2016 24-Feb-2016 Romania Low-voltage installation work
57316160114 14-Jan-2016 22-Feb-2016 South Africa Funding, supply, installation, management & prepaid/smart water meters for 3 years
491216160113 13-Jan-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / KARNATAKA PROCUREMENT OF SHORTAGE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENTS : Steel Tape Plier Insulated Screw Driver Electrician

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