smart metering Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1231716170524 24-May-2017 20-Jun-2017 Germany Electronic data exchange services
900718170506 06-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Pakistan Smart Metering Pilot Project: (As per Specification) Smart Technology with supporting Software/ Ap
1117616170504 04-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Pakistan Smart Technology with supporting Software/ Application for V3 Meters, Capacity: 6 CMH, Qty=5,000 N
1664816161118 18-Nov-2016 Montenegro EBRD - DSO Smart Metering Completion Phase
230052161114 14-Nov-2016 11-Nov-2017 Montenegro Supply and Installation of low voltage overhead and underground lines, cable distribution boxes and
509316170526 26-May-2017 29-May-2017 Philippines MetroCount RoadPod VT Plus (8 MB) ATC, MetroCount USB Comm Cable (1.8 meters), Bitumen Road Tape (
546016170522 22-May-2017 22-Jun-2017 Hungary Electricity meters
1005416170520 20-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 France Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
1228018170512 12-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 India / Maharashtra Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance for Smart Water Meter and Related I
773018170504 04-May-2017 19-Jun-2017 Romania Procurement of water meter manholes chambers for water supply network
559052170504 04-May-2017 26-Jun-2017 Guinea Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of smart meters and control software, configuration
391052170429 29-Apr-2017 19-Jun-2017 Romania Procurement of water meter manholes chambers for water supply network
1362016170428 28-Apr-2017 29-May-2017 Sweden Parking meters
1498816160909 09-Sep-2016 Poland Maintenance and repair of ticket-issuing machinery
963116160803 03-Aug-2016 United Kingdom Parking meters
381617160722 22-Jul-2016 Romania R2CF Botosani
231052160722 22-Jul-2016 16-Jul-2017 Romania Procurement Of Around 8100 Cold Water Smart Meters (With Radio Transition) Of Various DN Sizes Incl
244052160601 01-Jun-2016 31-May-2017 Romania project to procure water meters and ancillary goods and services
256516150724 24-Jul-2015 Rwanda Supply and installation of advanced metering infrastructure (smart meters)
209918150620 20-Jun-2015 Germany Photocopying and offset printing equipment

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