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Tenders For smartphone

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
227818190115 15-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 Philippines Tender For purchase of cellular phone
298718190115 15-Jan-2019 15-Feb-2019 United States Tender For Small Arms Fire Control Systems with stand-off wind speed and direction measurement capabilities
768716190115 15-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Brazil Tender For supply and deliver newspapers and magazines
612816190112 14-Jan-2019 31-Jan-2019 France Tender For Development of an on-board technology such as a "marine observatory" data acquisition station and
580016190111 11-Jan-2019 16-Jan-2019 United States Tender For Photo and video equipment:Panasonic lumix digital camera,manfrotto video monopad/tripod,GoPro hero
634516190108 08-Jan-2019 21-Jan-2019 France Tender For Communication software package
662518190108 08-Jan-2019 16-Jan-2019 Brazil Tender For supply of cellular phones and Wi-Fi GSM modem
983716181229 29-Dec-2018 28-Jan-2019 Belgium Tender For Mobile telephones
56118181227 27-Dec-2018 13-Feb-2019 Switzerland Tender For Mobile-telephone services
522216181224 24-Dec-2018 21-Jan-2019 Germany Tender For Time accounting or human resources software package
664916181224 24-Dec-2018 28-Jan-2019 Belgium Tender For Mobile telephones
24718181222 22-Dec-2018 24-Jan-2019 Germany Tender For Military electronic systems
529316181220 20-Dec-2018 24-Jan-2019 Poland Tender For Information and promotion products
723016181220 20-Dec-2018 28-Jan-2019 Belgium Tender For Mobile telephones
713916181219 19-Dec-2018 25-Jan-2019 Sweden Tender For Mobile telephones
603916181218 18-Dec-2018 25-Jan-2019 Poland Tender For Passenger information system
129118181212 12-Dec-2018 N/A Italy Tender For Stimulator
478218181212 12-Dec-2018 12-Feb-2019 Japan Tender For Smartphone rental 1 set
700116181206 06-Dec-2018 N/A Germany Tender For Technical computer support services
526916181011 11-Oct-2018 N/A United Kingdom Tender For Industry specific software package

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