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Changing My Keyword

Changing your keyword is very simple and easy. You jsut need to login to your account by the User Id and Password provided by us. After login to your account there is a link by the name of MY KEYWORD .

On click on this link you will be redirected to the page from where you can change/Update your Keyword. You can set your Search Preference based on your requirement. You can also check online what type of email you will able to receive for difference search settings.

Lets have a look for the same.

Indian Tenders

Exact Search : Tenders related to the Exact Keyword/Product that you type in this Search Box.
Any Two Words Search: Tender(s) related to any of two words which is mentioned in this search box.
Any One Word Search : Tender(s) related to any words which is mentioned this search box.
Containing Word Search : Tenders related to combination of word(s). The will contain the common word of combination.
For Ex. air heater, air dryer, air cooler
In above ex air is the common word, so block 'D' will contain the word 'AIR'
Avoid Text: Avoid word(s) from search.
Ex If we avoid the word installation from exact we just put installation word in this block
Test Email : You can see which type of result / email will come after putting keyword / product.
Update Keywords : Click Update Keywords to update your product/Services.

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