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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The Foundation Agroecologica Cotobrusena is the first organization in the pa s agroecol kind of logical , it was registered in the year 1993 , after two years of training and concientizaci n of its members in environmental education and agroecology n . Is formed by farmers, farmers technicians yt sons of peasants residing cant n . The FAC was born n as a felt need to promote and support national and international projects and programs that facilitate agribusiness and commercial production alternatives including organic agriculture unique to the benefit of the rural family and the environment Our mission is to contribute to n cantonal development and regional , by establishing agroecol cal projects that facilitate trade in finished products aimed at improving the quality of life of rural families , their communities and the environment in which we live. In Coto Brus, the production is concentrated in small n conventional coffee producers with many resource constraints. Conventional agricultural production n , is very dependent on high doses of inputs qu monkeys and lacks in most cases to appropriate systems of Conservation of soil and water protection . As of 2000 , conventional coffee prices in the international market have ca dr do sticamente , resulting in Coto Brus, extremely serious economic crisis mica, this shows the need for alternatives to more sustainable production and stable markets n . Among the objectives of this project is the design of the plant f sica logical ecological benefit of coffee , the establishment of a nursery ntulas 9000 pl of native species and fruit trees, the installation of a greenhouse vegetables niques org 60 m2 . and five training workshops in agriculture org nica . Objectives GRAPHICS Spec . 1 - Develop a training program and Environmental Educaci n for 18 months to raise awareness among project beneficiaries and nor will school , the importance of producing in harmony with nature. 2 - Producing Nursery 10 000 pl ntulas forest species inter s biol logical ( fruits, timber , protection of recovery ny ) to associate with crops, especially coffee nico org . 3 - produce in a greenhouse of 60 m2 , org niques vegetables for consumption and sale of surplus . 4 - To condition required for the proper functioning of the ecological benefits of coffee and logical infrastructure components . The main project activities are precisely : training , n Seed Collecting . Fitness Benefit infrastructure cal Ecol . Establishment and management of tree nurseries. Reforestaci n Maintenance of trees . Association of coffee trees and plants with unique org . Establishment of seed and growing vegetables. N promotion , Divulgaci n , n Monitoring and evaluation .
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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