Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Project Description: The project has partnered with commune councils for 12 months implementation in Srechea Khange Chheung commune, and get technical support from Provincial Department of Rural Development and District Office of Agriculture. The project is developed to significantly focus on the improvement of capacity of local partners, communities and rehabilitation of water infrastructures to adapt to the climate change risk especially the drought context. The project is mainly addressed the following points: 1- Improve agriculture production and rehabilitate of water gate for irrigation. 2- Improve access to clean drinking water through connection to piped water system powered by solar system. 3- Increase knowledge of community people and school teachers on climate change adaptation. Goal and Objectives: The project aims at contributing to improve livelihood of 259 famers by providing access to water for irrigation and clean drinking water through rehabilitation of infrastructures. Objectives a) Water management committee established with clear term of reference and recognized by local authorities. b) By 2013, livelihood of 259 people for rural community members improved through sustainable of community water gate and pond management. c) More than 50% of households who 70% of them are woman increased their knowledge on climate change adaptation. Outputs: 1) Water infrastructures management committees have clear structure and vision 2) One water gate rehabilitated which can irrigate water for 50ha. 3) 80 farmers from the four villages improved their agricultural practice and adapt to the new innovation of agriculture technique that resistant to the drought. 4) 179 households have a better access to drinking water through rehabilitation of community pond and installation of the community piped water system. 5) More than 400 students and 450 households representatives increased their knowledge on climate change adaptation through project experience dissemination. Project mains activities 1) Establish four groups of cooperative farmers in 4 villages, Srechea Kangcheung commune; provide regularly training on agricultural innovation to adapt to the drought context 2) Establish four saving groups enable members to access to the loan for improving their agricultural production and family development plan 3) Procure and select contractor for rehabilitation of water infrastructures as water gate and community pond 4) Expand the main piped water system to enable household in community can use piped water connection which powered by solar system 5) Form committee of water gate and community pond 6) Conduct awareness raising with community people on climate change adaptation program through organizing meetings for village education campaign.
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Our Reference Number
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