Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Project objective: To enhance capacity of community in 7 villages to increase farming cycles through rehabilitation of Chke Slab canal. Outcome 1: Agricultural production, particularly rice and other short term crops by the community received sufficent water through rehabilitation of Chke Slab canal to benefit 3,578 people, 1,583 women, as a way to adapt to changing rainfall pattern. Output 1.1 A canal 3,693 m, 2 m deep, 2 m bottom width, and 9 m top width, is rehabilitated. Activity 1.1.1: Communicate with local authority to convene for metting to disseminate information on the project implementation with beneficiary and relevant agencies. Activity 1.1.2: Establish a project procurement committee. Activity 1.1.3: Conduct produrement to select service provider for canal rehabilitation and establish a contract with contractor that won the bidding. Activity 1.1.4: Conduct canal rehabilitation and monitoring the progress by the procurement committee. Output 1.2: Water management and use committee established at each of the 7 villages. Activity 1.2.1 Conduct meeting with beneficiaries and cooperate with local authority to organize water management and use community and organize an election for selecting members into the committee. Activity 1.2.2 Provide training for established water management and use committee on arrangment for maintenace of project output and water distribution. Activity 1.2.3: Develop water distribution with water use community. Output 1.3: 2,000 Sdao trees planted on the dike, built from dug-out from the canal rahabilitation. Activity 1.3.1: Acquire price for Sdao seedlings and fruit tree seedlings; Activity 1.3.2: Purchase Sdao seedling and fruit tree seedlings; Actitity 1.3.3: Organize a tree planting event with owners of land adjacent to the canal. Outcome 2: Two saving groups established in all the participating villages. Output 2.1: Saving groups are established to ensure sufficient funding available in the seven villages. Activity 2.1.1: Covene for meeting at each village and facilitate to develop saving group by-laws; Activity 2.1.2: Provide seed funding to the saving group committees Output 2.2: A volunteer group is established to participate in System of Rice Intensification (SRI) pratice. Actitity 2.2.1: Conduct training on SRI with 21 households Activity 2.2.2: Purchase rice seeds for demonstration Activity 2.2.3: Select volunteers to participate in SRI demonstration
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