Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The territory of Quitirris ind gena is located in a privileged area for high altitude conditions , relative humidity , wind , dry months , road infrastructure, among many other ms; which gives you a higher chance to venture into sustainable community projects production n the form of agroforestry systems , which allow directly improve household income and in turn achieve connectivity between areas devoid of vegetation n with other low forest cover ; thus decreasing the fragmentation of ecosystems . N The incursion of coffee is not new, and before ten members of an isolation their coffee plots , however the price of coffee bajonazo made many pr desist from these practices and currently many coffee plantations have been lost for this reason n . Additionally, the approach was individually , where each vend your coffee to an external buyer without a collective vision business n . With this proposal is intended to work collectively to achieve and that participants understand that a unit does not achieve n advance and selected as competitive as it is the single org coffee markets. Therefore n t coffee agroforestry techniques is under development , which means nitr geno -fixing plants ( trees ) and other essential elements will provide the nutrients b musicians, with further n org mechanics fertilizers and incorporation of timber trees and fruit trees will work , d Ndose a rich mixture of high value crops production in the market . With all this it is intended that in the medium term Development Association Quitirris be placed on the market directly org forms a unique product that promotes the balance between man and nature. General objective Lost degraded areas under t techniques of agroforestry systems. Objectives spec GRAPHICS 1. Recover at least 50 ha. abandoned under pr coffee agroforestry practices , achieving better forest coverage and minimizing the fragmentation of ecosystems n . Two . Contents 25 ha . new coffee through t Soil Conservation techniques and agroforestry systems , achieving better forest coverage and minimizing n fragmentation of ecosystems. Three . Submit program payment for environmental services a total of 20,000 trees in the form of Agroforestry Systems . 4 Creating compost center org nico , self-sustaining , using the waste generated by the caf . May . Dar adequate management of pig production systems .
Costa rica
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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